I don’t know how it goes in the western part of the world but here in West Africa particularly Nigeria and Ghana. Depending on what the product is, sales targets are usually from top management down.

Everybody (sales person) is bent /focused on locating that one big client that would remove the burden from their hands.

This how sales goes here, while our counterparts in USA and other nations count all as useful our management place emphasis on the money hence; reach and outlook is poor.

Cold calling is hardly encouraged where it is encouraged it is not whole heartedly. Sales people are warned about the cost of calling cards popularly called credit.

I am sure it would amaze the manufacturers of most smart phone that many Africans don’t utilize all functions on their smart phones despite our passion for having them.

When I read about e-mail marketing I know West Africa notably Ghana/Nigeria are not ready yet. People hardly read their email account.

Emphasis has always been on hard skills go out, be energetic and achieve over flowing sales the hard way.

Time for our sales to know that al most all contacts count and embrace new sales techniques to make this wonderful profession more enjoyable.

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