Sales Outside G’8 Apart Russia

The sales business or industry maybe sector is very vigorous and interesting hence; it must be exciting to be involved in selling.

A person just has to ask a sales person, Nigeria/Ghana refer to them as sales executive, personnel, officer, sales man/woman etc. maybe the sales people themselves would add names to the list. The profession is also noble just as law and accounting to list just a few but not in Nigeria maybe Ghana to an extent.

Every organization is now advertising for sales people or marketing people to work magic in respective companies. Bring in large volume of cash sales; interesting! But how many of the sale people really know what sales is all about.

A perspective job candidate goes for an interview and he/she is asked how much sales he/she can achieve in a matter of months? Funny isn’t it? The more the boast during interview the likelier the job is yours

It’s common knowledge that all companies from banks even to what Nigerians refer to as one man business are all looking for sales people either they are educated or not. The job situation in the country has now made it a circus that anybody could place advert all over for sales personnel.

How come? Simple the business owners are all looking for magic money; so it’s sales personnel that are in the best position to bring their dream cash to business owners.

It is now very bad for fresh graduates even older ones because sales is the only business is 95% of jobs all over Nigeria even Ghana.

The sales employees are told to just go out daily and canvass people, get their contact and the sales would come in. in the banking sector male and female workers are instructed to make people open accounts, it is common knowledge that ladies banking sector are referred to as corporate prostitutes.

Most female bankers in Nigeria are being put through hell by the banks, they are also being tricked by perspective clients. All in the name of sales.

The men in the banking sector have to work more than 10 times their female counterparts because no man wants to give them so called accounts.

Hence, downsizing is common among Nigerian banks especially those popularly called new generation banks.

It is still the same situation in every other organization, the sales business has become the most abused profession in the Nigeria.

At times no training is provided sales people have to rely on personal intuition to record a sell. Other lack motivation since the wage is poor yet business owners await sales windfall.

At times employers can’t even provide transport for their sales staff yet these employers want millions to flow in. Motivation has over shadowed common sense from employer-employee, staff remuneration has been sidelined for all sorts of quotes by employers

The surprising issue is some employees fall for it and claim they are being trained and motivated, automatically they become employers’ favourites and are used as role models for perspective and or new employees.

The sales business is being bastardised that professional bodies in Nigeria do not know what to do. Every Tom, Dick and Harry are now sales consultants for companies. They may make money but at the determent of this noble sales profession.

This trend has always led to poor performances by sales people, the sales job in Nigeria is so hectic, and a person may have to turn to superman to perform. The fancy sales talk, training and packages that are available in United States and some European countries are absent in Nigeria and Ghana.

The shock is Nigerian and their Ghanaian counterparts want to receive money from sales and are not ready to invest in their sales staff. Some sales staff are so badly paid, others are not paid at all. Abundance of commission jobs are all over the place yet the commission are not given as of when due, staff of such jobs are treated as salary earning staff.

As someone that loves the sales industry I know it is time to tell these greedy owners that sales departments are the engine of any successful business worldwide and that sales people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity not shabbily as the trend is now. The sales people must also know that begging won’t change a customer but making available clients and existing customers know that without us there is no them and vice versa. Those that choose the profession would continue to suffer, huge sale experts could come from all over the world and deliver fancy speeches to their audiences.

The result would be the same except the mentality of people are changed towards the sales business �q���

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