The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

A few things are going okay. First, the economy. The stock market is way up, jobs are up, and business confidence is high. Relations with China are better, and China is even pressuring North Korea. Illegal immigration is way down. A good nomination to the Supreme Court. There is lots more to do.

Trump is abrasive, obnoxious , vulgar and downright full of it oftentimes. But he plays the media like a grandmaster, and their 24/7 bashing of every single thing he does simply because he does it has stripped them of whatever credibility they had. If there is ever a real breach of law or constitutional obligation, hard to know if anyone would even take MSM reporting seriously. All the hyperventilating and pearl-clutching is mostly driven by the fact Trump doesn’t take them seriously, and is persuading the rest of the country to feel the same way.