Are Your Sales Ready To Cruise?

Cruise is one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry today and presents a tremendous opportunity for anyone selling travel. To meet this growing demand from consumers, most cruise lines and even many travel agencies now offer an online cruise booking engine so customers can research and even book their cruise vacations at their leisure.

However with so many different cruise lines and cruise options available today, there’s an increasing need for new, more advanced online cruise booking tools. To meet this demand, Odysseus Solutions put together a working group of travel agents, cruise line personnel and software developers to collaborate on building the ultimate solution. The result was the Odysseus cruise booking engine, the most complete and advanced online cruise booking software available today. This online booking engine is hosted by Odysseus, but the headers, footers and style sheets are customized to match your company’s individual branding and provide a seamless online experience for customers visiting your website. Designed to automate processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete a cruise booking, this “state of the art” cruise booking tool will help you increase revenues and have your sales “cruising” ahead in no time! .

With so many options to choose from when booking a cruise today, selecting the right cruise ship or cabin type can be overwhelming for many. The Odysseus booking engine helps travel agents and consumers easily navigate their way through this process with the information they need to make the right choice. Vast amounts of cruise line, cruise ship and cabin information are linked to media files & rich content such as cabin photos, ship images and deck plansto assist travel agents as well as consumers during the shopping process. It provides “Live” access to cruise line content, so you can rest assured the most accurate and up to date availability and pricing is used. Powerful management tools even provide you the ability to easily adjust a products selling price as well as advertise value add offers right in the availability display.

So get your company’s Sales ready to Cruise and contact Odysseus Solutions today to learn more. Odysseus Solutions is a Miami based travel technology company serving customers in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe as well as Australia by providing some of the most comprehensive and innovative online booking solutions available in the market today. To request an online product demonstration and introductory call visit: Odysseus Solutions.