Does Your Airline Reservation System Support Your Brand?

Building a brand for your business in a way that allows you to take control of your niche market as well as expand into new markets is one of the keys to the success of any business. Selling travel is no different and in fact, a strong brand name is even more important when selling travel online. The airlines were the first in the travel business to successfully distribute their product electronically on a large scale. The evolution of the airline reservation system was key to this success and remains a key component in any of today’s online travel booking engines.

Airlines have focused on building a strong brand for themselves and those that set themselves apart from the competition survived and those that did not are no longer around. A strong brand helps set your business apart from the competition in a crowded online marketplace, can create strong customer loyalty and may allow you to charge a premium for the services you provide your customers.

Your airline reservation system should help you increase your revenues, gain new customers and expand your business into new markets. The application you choose should be a flexible & fully scalable application that easily grows with your business while maintaining your own unique brand identity.

You’ll want an application with easy to use tools to manage your business, including an administration section that allows you to quickly and easily define business rules that adjust a product’s selling price, include value add offers right in the availability screen or determine what content source is used for a particular type of search. Business rules should even provide the flexibility to have your affiliated agent websites following a unique set of business rules that you predefine specifically for each.

If you plan to enter new markets or expand internationally, you’ll need an application that meets the unique requirements of Global Marketplaces, such as an airline reservation system that can easily handle multiple currencies as well as multiple languages. And to reach today’s mobile consumer, you’ll need an application built using responsive technology that adjusts the display based on the type of device being used.

The strength of your “Brand” can be critical in the short term as well as the long term success of your business. Branding extends beyond your basic Marketing or Sales initiatives and touches every area of your business, including your online booking engine. So be sure to consider your online booking engine when developing and building a complete brand strategy for your business.

An online booking engine should result in operational efficiency and reduced costs for your business while helping you gain new customers and expand your business into new markets. The application you choose should be a flexible & fully scalable application that will help your business easily grow while protecting your own brand identity. Finding a travel booking application with the perfect combination of flexibility and features to support your brand is important to the success of your business. Finding the right technology partner to work with is even more important.

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