Goal Setting

A look into my short and long term fitness goals.

One of the reasons that I believe contributed to my failure of maintaining consistency with the gym is the lack of goal setting. When I first started out, I foolishly fell victim to the belief that hitting the gym three to four times a week for a short period of time would yield significant results. And after a single month of going to the gym “consistently”, I’d feel frustrated and slightly annoyed when I’d look in the mirror to see no improvements. With a looming feeling of demotivation, I would then call it quits on the gym.

Silly, eh?

It took me a while to realize that bodybuilding is a marathon rather than a sprint. Time, hard work, and dedication must be invested before the long term goal of having a dream body could ever be a reality. Therefore, it’s important to set tangible, short term goals to have something to aspire to everyday. As these short term goals are accomplished, the long term goals will gradually begin to feel more attainable, resulting in increased motivation.

So.. what exactly are my fitness goals?

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the motive behind the majority of gym goers is to obtain a better physique. And at the center of it all, it’s the same thing that is driving most of my lifestyle choices. A v tapered upper body consisting of broad shoulders, a full chest, and a small waist. A lower body that has grown proportionally to match my upper body in both strength and appearance. Clear and distinct separation between the muscle groups throughout my whole body. These are my long term goals. I haven’t had much thought towards the finer details because I know I still have a ways to go until I even come close to reaching these goals.

As for short term goals however, there is more clarity with what I want to accomplish. Staying consistent with dieting and maintaining progressive overload from workout to workout will take up the bulk of my focus for now. (More on progressive overload in a future post) By ensuring these two goals are being met consistently, it’ll push me closer towards my long term goals. In terms of metrics, I plan to finish my bulking phase by the end of the Summer; ending at my goal weight of 170 lbs. From that point on, I’ll go through a body recomposition phase in which I’ll be eating at maintenance calories and therefore maintaining body weight at 170 lbs. Going through the recomposition phase will simultaneously increase muscle mass and decrease body fat for a period of time until my results reach a definite plateau. As a result, I will expect to see my physique gradually become leaner and more defined. It is crucial to stress that maintaining progressive overload throughout this entire process is a necessity for continuous muscle growth and development. This is especially true during the bulking phase. Otherwise, the additional weight put on during the bulk will result in a higher proportion of fat gain rather than muscle gain.

Current Physique

To track my progress, I had a body composition analysis test done using an InBody at my gym which produced the following results (As of June 27th):

Weight: 165.8 lbs

Body Fat Percentage: 14.8%

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1,770 kcal (somewhat useful in measuring maintenance calories)

The InBody also tested for other measurements such as BMI and muscle mass segmental distribution, however, these measurements have little to no relevance towards my fitness goals at this point in time. The numbers that I am concerned about are my weight and body fat percentage. Because these measurements are a decent indicator of progress, I will be taking multiple tests throughout the course of my progression to track the changes in these numbers.

Closing Thoughts

Before I end this piece, I’d like to thank everyone that had in some way, shape, or form interacted with me since the release of the first blog post. Whether it’s reading these posts, providing feedback or messaging me to chat fitness, I appreciate the overwhelming support and interest. It’s truly eye opening knowing the amount of individuals that are on the same boat as myself and are actively making a change in their lives.

Keep on striving,