The Beginning

Excitement. Exhilaration. Tranquility. Happiness.

It’s been a while since I’ve found a passion that touches on all four of these notes the way bodybuilding does.


At the start of summer, I finally rid myself of all the ridiculous excuses that have barred me from hitting the gym consistently. And boy, am I glad I made that decision. I remember stepping into the gym on the 1st of May because coincidentally, it was also the first day of my summer internship. I was a clueless gym novice, lost in foreign territory. Uncomfortable. Nervous. Frightened. With no routine and little knowledge of the machines and equipment, I jumped straight to the first sight of familiarity: the dumbbell racks. After struggling to unrack a pair of dumbbells that were obviously too much for me to handle, I started doing ill advised, formless bicep curls; curling the majority of the weight with my lower back. That’s how little I knew about the gym and fitness.

As uncomfortable as I was back in May, in retrospect, getting started was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I never would have expected this to develop into something much greater than a hobby. With a little more than a month and a half into my weight lifting journey, I’ve come to realize why I love bodybuilding so much. It’s mainly because:

Bodybuilding is a vast subject matter with so much to learn.

Let me elaborate. For 99% of the people that go to the gym, achieving a better physique is if not one of many, but their only reason for doing so. Whether it’s for weight loss or to gain a more defined and chiseled, Greek god physique, we’re mostly there to change the way we look and feel about ourselves. In the many cases that attaining a good physique is the main motivator, solely relying on weight lifting is not enough. In order to optimize results and increase efficiency in gaining muscle and reducing body fat, attention must be directed towards day to day lifestyle habits such as sleep, diet, and most importantly, nutrition. In other words, body building is a 24 hour routine that requires knowledge from different areas of disciplines. Everyone can go to the gym, pick up a few weights, and start lifting the hell out of them. However, to see the results we want, the bulk of the work is done outside of the time spent in the gym.

And for that very reason, I have been charmed and sucked into bodybuilding.

It’s strangely addictive. The vast amount of information there is about the subject keeps me hungry for knowledge. In my spare time, I’m always reading fitness articles or watching informative body building videos. Whether it’s during meals, commute times, or even before bed, I’m constantly trying to absorb as much information to improve my lifestyle and lifting habits. And guess what? I absolutely love it.

So whats with the blog?

The primary focus of this blog is to journal my fitness journey. It’ll be used as a medium to provide thorough documentation on my fitness progress and to share useful information I’ve learned on nutrition and weight lifting from week to week. Along with that, progress pictures will be posted periodically to show a visual representation of my progression. Through doing this, I hope not only to inspire readers to get started on their fitness journey, but to learn lots of relevant and useful information along the way.

On a final note: If you want to talk anything fitness and bodybuilding related, feel free to slide into my DMs.

Until next time,


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