The rumble on Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Oscar E. Holguin Vargas
3 min readMay 25


Skrillex released a new album. The past 18th of February. I know that’s long time ago right now, and maybe that should be all the post. But it isn’t…

A couple of years ago, I was inviting to a session. My mission was explaining why AWS was developing solutions like EKS-A or ECS-A. Why AWS were working in this kind of solutions when their motions were an all-in to the cloud, no long time ago? I was so excited. It was clear. They invited me because they were listening the “rumble. It was my first presentation in public -online — to such a large audience, so I decided to go for a jog.

While I was organizing my ideas, “Breaking sweat” began to play. I found the story that my presentation needed. Breaking sweat is one of Skrillex’s most interesting tracks, I can’t deny my admiration for him. His music has been with me for the last 15 years. But the interesting thing about this track is the participation of the living members of The Doors in 2011.

Skrillex was mixing different styles, rhythms, groups to create something new, in the same way that another one of my fetish bands, Daft Punk, had done before. In the same way that the market is moving to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, right now. We -in the same way that they before- are mixing different rhythms and technologies to build something new.

So! Don’t let marketing lie yourself. You -nor they- have a hybrid cloud strategy; you have a hybrid strategy need. You as employee, partner, customer, of someone are facing with obstacles like data sovereignty, latency challenges, technical debt, the impossibility to migrate all your resources to cloud. Indeed, there are DN companies that lunch their business the day one with an app on cloud, and them, when the business is to big our sensitive, they find out their hybrid needs.

And this is not so bad. It’s change of perspective. Fields as ML, IA, IOT, Networking, Big Data, LLM applying to verticals like: Healthcare, Education Banking, Automotive, Industry, Smart Cities, and so on have facing challenges like these for long time.

Nowadays ISV’s, Telcos, MSP companies are learning and catching-up with the all the existing technologies, rebranding and rearchitecting the technologies in their own Data Centers or their third-party Data Centers providers to provide a fancy solution that facilitate and accelerate the adoption of more flexible solutions. There are exiting examples like: Equinix and VMware to Expand Global Cloud Services Offerings, Azure Operator Nexus, Oracle Exadata, Vertex AI

I remember when I read the Cloud Adoption Framework from different CSP. These documents have a lot of great content, and it makes sense, but in the middle of all those paths there is thousands of different scenarios where Hybrid it’d be the new normal and more than that, it’s exiting how this hybrid and multi-cloud environment will make sense because customer, regulation, and business needs.

Coming back to my presentation, we finished the meeting just talking about the impact for the quota of sellers, they were far away of the potential of the technology or maybe I was me being so optimistic, as always.

Like in that meeting, right now, we’re listening the rumble”, but we still far away for “breaking sweat”.