My Freshman Year (Final Cut)

I’ve been contributing a lot about my life onto these Medium posts, and I can define it as a stress reliever because of the craziness of transitioning from a high school student/kid to a college student/kid… well maybe not a kid anymore. The last four months have been the funnest and weirdest time of my life, but I know I am enjoying it.

Me being a gopher with my roomate Ariella

September 1st, my moving day was the hottest and the most stressful day I had ever gone through. In the morning, I was at my house packing my things up and loading the car while my mom was crying very softly the whole time. I was sad too. I have to admit it was hard to see my mom that way. I felt as if I was going and we were never going to see each other again, which is not at all true, I just had that feeling. I also felt as if I was growing up and putting my big BIG girl shoes on. We got all done loading up and headed off to drive forty minutes away to the University of Minnesota. We met my dad outside of my dorm and began unloading. It was extremely hot, but the young college boys who were unloading my car for us were even hotter :) I was officially a college girl.

After we unloaded all of my stuff in the scortching hot Pioneer Hall fourth floor, I walked my parents back down to the courtyard to say our goodbyes. I was just so overwhelmed by the amount of people there were and the heat so I was not very sad. They walked away and I didn’t know what to feel besides weird. I felt like I was a very small fish in a HUGE sea, but I didn’t let it bother me.

Meeting my roomate Ariella for the first time was very nervewracking because I had no idea what to expect. All I had ever seen of her was on Facebook or Instagram. Her last name is Kudishevich so I figured she was Russian. I was afraid we wouldn’t understand each other because of our cultural differences and that she would only speak Russian. I was completely wrong. She was amazing. She was so nice and sweet and just really wanted me to be her friend so I really appreciated that. We didn’t completely click immediately, just because of our crazy schedules and us going through recruitement that first week.

This is our first roomie pic we ever took. This took place the second night of college in T-Hall.

Immediatly after recruitment week we started to really click, and I mean really click. We had the same interests at heart, humor, personality, etc. I know that we are still very different people, but we totally work. We can sit in our room for hours and chat and laugh about absolutely anything. We have made some really good friends on our floor and enjoy every minute hanging out with each other and others on our floor. She has made this year a lot more memorable so I am very thankful for her!

Us being gophers again.. our favorite thing to do :)


Going back to what I said about recruitment, it was fun to go through with my roommate, but it was a very long couple of weeks. I was nervous to join Greek life because I was not sure of what to expect. I only knew a few older girls from my high school that went Greek, but we weren’t all that close. I had only seen stereotypical sorority girls and fraternity guys in the movies so I knew I could not judge it off of that. I was also a little excited because I had done some background research of the sororities here at the U and it seemed like a good time.

The first round of recruitment was the most stressful and overwhelming time of my life. It was a process where a ton of girls were lined up outside each chapter and walked into a house filled with a bunch of girls. We had many one on ones with girls and tried to get to know the chapter even more. I felt like I had just gone on ten thousand blind dates with sorority girls. Each girl I would talk to started to all blend in by the end of the day and I forgot what sorority I liked the most. My head hurt by the end of the day, but I was sure that I wanted to continue with it. I wanted to be involved and I wanted to be a part of the Greek community. I knew that for sure.

Bid day came around pretty quick and my preferences were between Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma. I honestly did not know what one I truly wanted in my heart. I wasn’t looking for the girls who were the prettiest or had the most money. I was looking for girls that I could truly rely on and have a deep friendship with. Delta Gamma didn’t seem like it was the sorority for me, so I was praying that Alpha Chi would pick me. Sure enough they did! I ran to my sorority and I was happy as can be. I knew that it was meant to be, so it made it all the more better.

My Big (on the left) and Edda (middle) celebrating big day with my new sisters!
Here is just a tid bit of some of my older sisters at Alpha Chi Omega!

So anyways, I am so thrilled that I joined Alpha Chi Omega and I cannot wait for more memories to come thoughout my college career!


School has honestly not been as bad as all the college kids would tell me when I was in high school. I have really easy classes right now because I came here knowing absolutely nothing of what I wanted to do. I decided to do CLA because I wanted to broaden my horizons.

I had troubles the first couple of weeks with being in CLA, I just didn’t feel like I fit very welll in with the other kids. I thought I wanted to be a dentist, so I for sure knew I didn’t belong in CLA. After thinking about being in school for 8+ years, I decided that dentistry was most likely not for me. I want to graduate in four years and then possibly go to graduate school for a masters degree. I want to be able to start my life and a family within the next 5–6 years so I don’t think becoming a doctor is my calling.

I decided what I wanted to do and I realized that I am going to be great in corporate America. I know it sounds very cliche, but I really think it is what I am meant to do. I really want to work with people and make a difference in that certain way. I want to also be like my mom because she is a Project Manager at a consulting firm and her love for others and to help others in a business aspect really inspires me. I am just like her when it comes to loving others and being a people person so I think that is a great career path for me.

I am really excited to announce that I am transferring out of CLA and starting my college career in College of Education and Human Development. I am planning on being in the program next fall which is really exciting for me! I am so ready to start my major and become more aware of the college experience! I cannot wait for what the next four years has to come.

I want to get more involved here at the University of Minnesota, but I am struggling how! I would be interested in getting involved in a student group to increase my career awareness and goals. Once I get into CEHD I will definitely be more prone to join a student group and figure out who I am as a student in a group with others who have the same interests as me academically.

As for other activities I have chosen, I joined an intermural volleyball team within my dorm hall! All of my friends from Pioneer Hall fourth floor decided to start a volleyball team and I am so happy that we did. We have lost all of our games thus far, but it has been a really good exeperience and we all have gotten extremely close. We all really appreciate each other and love to hang out together outside of volleyball also. We go out with each other on the weekends and are actually planning to get together over winter break because I think we might miss each other a lot! Volleyball has definitely made us closer because we have games on Sunday nights and practices on Tuesday’s. We are basically forced to see each other ;)


To come to a conclusion of this Medium post, I have decided that all the changes I have been experiencing lately and the past four months have been crazy. So much transtitioning and so much I have learned about myself. So many relationships have changed since I have come here. I have gained so many, but I have also lost some. Although sometimes have been tough, I have found really close friends here that I can really rely on. School keeps me busy and I am really enjoying it. My sorority has really helped me feel connected and so has volleyball. I am anticipating winter break, but I’m also really excited for second semester!


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