Every untold truth is a lie

Imagine you dying in the happiest moment of your life and freezing the happiness.

Of course this moment is the happiest one, you’re now dead. So you’d be the first one to trick the slippery feeling into it’s frozen form, which isn't that big and fits a bottle, those small brows ones. But nobody would notice since all the living forms can’t see it.

Freezing the happiness: a chemical miracle that you can’t tell anybody about. I'm sorry to say, but every untold truth becomes a lie, no matter how true it was. So you’d be a dead liar.

I know, you're alive. You got the control. Let’s see how much control you have over other these 3 things:

1 — Try to stop breathing. Breath is the only thing I can think of.

2 — Try to stop thinking. Think is the only think you can do.

3 — Try to stop trying to do stuff you can’t control.

Control is useless even if you have it, because it’s actually the one that has you.

So you’re not dead and as a living person you can’t influence much. Instead of this, live to get controlled by something you can't name and it'll be the happiest moment of your life.