A) One input is that it ask you for your favorite color, what season it is and how to whether is today.

B) The output is that it shows you what outfit to wear for today.

C) A process can be finding a match, because it finds what outfit for you. It finds a match with your interests.

D) I want it to remember my information. Every time I be using it I’ll see my name and my interests.



What is the information problem you are trying to solve?
The information is how to speak some Spanish.

What information does the computer need to solve that problem?
The computer needs to be connected to the internet and I need to search on google or any other searching websites.

What type of thinking work does the computer need to do to solve the problem?

The processes involved in formulating the problem and solving the problem in a way humans can understand.




1. What are three ways this computer is different from computers that we use today?

The computers we use today we can see a screen. Some could be connected to phones. We could also use it to talk with people around to globe.

2. What are two ways that it is the same?

Some computers need wires to be turned on, it could be the same. They both use technology.

3. What is one thing you think is true of ALL computers?

They all use technology to function.



W/Emmanuel, Mary, Dorcas, Mariame, Gervais

Develop a plan

A designed boat with a circle in the middle.

The strengths are that the circle was made with a water bottle, which means that the bottom is strong.

Test your boat

My boat held about 400 paper clips.

There was a little whole at the bottom and water was already getting in. To improve I could reinforce the bottom.

Evaluate and Improve

Problems were that water was getting in from the bottom.

The idea of making a circle and not a real boat.


Everyone was working and contributing, it helped a lot.

It was challenging because we didn’t know what design to use .

We started brainstorming on our design all together and we all worked to make it happen.