The Inspector

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Jack Oestreich

The Inspector


Career Nirvana: Financial Manager

Personality Type

I can sum up what an ISTJ is one quick word. Analyzation. That’s it. I find that I can analyze almost anything that is in this world, and that is a pretty common personality among people who have this trait. It helps because we can see the world pretty cut and clear for what it is instead of looking at different answers. We just look at the problem from all different types of angles and ask a lot of questions. Whenever I am asked to do a task, I find that asking questions can calm my nerves, because I feel that much more prepared for something. But in honesty, though, that can also be a downfall. If I get too much into the weeds of the question instead of the actual product that I put out, then I end up shooting myself in the foot. Take for instance, when I am asked to down stock something in retail, I find myself asking where should this item go, or is there another spot for this; which is good because I can look at tasks from other angles, but there might be too analyzation going on.

Start-up Role

I would love to start my career in sales because I love to learn about new products and how they can help people. Getting into the weeds and finding cool parts of the product that would catch the interest of people is where I thrive. Those details are what can either make or break a deal, so it is important to address them. I also like to ask questions such as why or how this could help them. Listening is another major part of the equation of sales and ISTJ’s hear the information that is being presented, and then they create solutions that can answer the problem that the prospects are looking for. Take for instance working at Lowe’s. I loved it when a customer would come and have inquiries in a product because that was a telltale sign they were interested in. That is where I would make the point in asking them qualifying questions, listening to what their concerns were. Then simply, I would take that information and correlate it to a feature they could find value from.

How does this look fully developed

When someone is fully developed in their personality, everything is much more cohesive in their approach to tasks that need to be completed. They ask the right questions that will help them instead of going overboard with them feeding into their inner fear of not having enough information. Also, ISTJ’s will use their own logic and intuition to come up with ideas that would be the best fit for any company. It takes some time to figure out because there are some development curves that needed to be adjusted, but it does wonders when ISTJ’s take a step back, see how the pieces are connected and put them together. You have to start slow to go fast.




2020 February Praxis Participant, learning to create opportunities every day

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Jack Oestreich

Jack Oestreich

2020 February Praxis Participant, learning to create opportunities every day

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