Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

The narrow win of referendum on the “Mass Immigration Proposition” (Masseneinwanderungsinitiative) proposed by the right wing Swiss Peoples Party has pushed many Swiss into action. Instead of just passively watching what happens in politics, certain in their knowledge that the soup is cooked way hotter than it is eaten, a fair number has pulled them selves together and actually went to cast their votes. The result until now has been that all isolationist backward oriented Propositions have been stopped at the ballot box. Unfortunately most information on these newer developments in Swiss politics are in german but I guess Google Translate will help you.

A new movement “Operation Libero” has been quite successful in stemming the xenophobia and right wing tide.

A group of journalists have successfully launched their own digital newspaper …

And the fight against isolationist propositions continutes … the next thing will be a proposal to put the swiss constitution ABOVE international treaties and juristiction …

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