Isabella breathed deeply the smell of wild flowers in the cool October breeze. Bent pieces of wheat stalks poked her in the back from where she stomped a small person sized circle down, but she didn’t care. No one would be able to find her and she could get a moment to herself to consider all that had happened over the last week. As always, her mind sifted through the good times until it came to Victoria. Though she adored the girl, she detested her attitude toward animals and her hunting abilities. Over and over, Isabella had told the community that they would be just fine with the vegetables and fruits she grew in the field behind the school, but the carnivores always won out. Cadence told her to just let it be and that Victoria treated the animals humanely and that civility was important in maintaining peace. Isabella never thought she was uncivil, but she knew when to drop a matter. She could always pass out flyers to people she knew had vegetarian leanings and hope they would follow her lead.

Isabella closed her eyes, took a deep breath and pushed the negative thoughts from her body. She could almost see the bright, Autumn sun through her eyelids.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”, she whispered. The breezed carried her words off, through the flowers, and into the sky. She repeated the words, hoping to rid herself of the bad energy in her soul. As she pushed the last of the energy through her toes, a shadow crossed over her. She snapped her eyes open and muttered, “Oh no” before climbing to her feet and sprinted toward the tall, white Legacy building as fast as her sandals would allow.

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