My Revelation Aboard A Trotro Bus

Last week Friday was quiet fascinating and surprising, considering the sudden truth that laid open to me, whiles I sat in a trotro bus back home after work. I have picked trotro buses in and out that whole week since I started my National Service. But strangely enough, I never realized this odd but inspiring atmosphere of truth that pervades trotro buses until this past Friday.

This atmosphere was quite enthralling. And upon realizing there was such an ambiance in the trotro bus, I kept my eyes and attention keen on the actions and reactions of everyone on the bus, the driver, the mate and the passengers. The sudden interest in nothing else but everyone and everything on the bus, drew me closer to some revelations.


In a trotro bus, the diversity of life, people, culture, religion among other things is incredibly and outrageously fascinating and striking in a very subtle way.

In a world where there is an ever increase in turmoil, hate, racism among many other gruesome, dehumanizing acts, with only a handful fraction of people devoted and committed to a continual advocacy for peace and tranquility and the unyielding search for more exemplary moments that depicts and promote peace, the revelation I had on the bus this past Friday proofed how diverse indeed our lives as humans are. But even more importantly, how connected we all are beyond what our actions and diversity on any fronts over the years have been, shown and proofed.


Religion to many people is association, a walk towards a common goal — hope, peace, eternity, joy, value, worth, self-discovery. Some perceive religion as a connection with others with a common understanding, mindset and ideologies. A place where people are regarded as brothers and sisters. And these individuals of this religion we protect and care for regardless of what. This is what religion means to most people — a safe haven, an escape. Many others also see religion as a search for peace, freedom, control and harmony in their own lives. For these and many other reasons, the world’s religious groups is ever increasing.

Many atrocious and gruesome acts such as murder, mass killing, alienation among many others inhuman acts have be perpetuated on the grounds of religion. Indifference and anarchy between religions has mushroomed in our time today more than I do remember when I was younger.

One religion’s pragmatics and extremists hating on the other religion’s associates, even to the extremities of inflicting pain and injury, even death. And all these is done in the mind of religion.

Religion has become a powerful tool, more rightly, a weapon to many for destruction, a glorious facade behind which they stand to perpetuate gruesome acts of violence and mayhem. But still to some innocuous souls, religion still remains a place of safety , hope, assurance, a safe haven.

But on this trotro bus this past friday, I realized all this diversity in religion was nullified; relegated to the background of humanity. On the bus, appearances easily revealed the religious affiliation of many of the passengers: like the Muslim in his batakali and the Christian in his lacoste cloth with their religious programs and faith printed on them. But that’s how far religion went on the bus. On the bus, a member of one religion sat right next to someone from another religion, sharing body contact. Two opposing religions, two whom on a normal day will never be seen together, interacting or engaging. Two who have always seen themselves as different and uncommon. But the trotro bus brought them together, providing room for both of them, even if it was for as far as the final destination of the bus, to consciously or unconsciously think of how common and closely connected they are, beyond any grounds of religious differences.

It was a relief and satisfying scene, seeing a Muslim smile to a Christian and have that smile reciprocated with an equal measure of an enthused smile. It was exciting to see a Christian gesture to a Muslim brother to take the vacant seat next to her.

The revelation was apparent, that diversity on the front of religion is not as strong a force compared to the innate tendency of the human soul to connect and be at peace with another fellow human being.

The revelation was apparent, that diversity on the front of religion is not as strong a force compared to the innate tendency of the human soul to connect and be at peace with another fellow human being.

I realized our quest for peace can be found, if we take a minute daily to see how devotedly nature tries to bring us closer to our place of birth, the place of utter placidity and calmness. The place where we let go and freely express and care and love one another. The place where we started, during the times when religion was not yet born — the place of humanity

PS: This article will continue with later publications. Please keep an eye out for the remaining revelation I found whiles I was aboard a trotro bus.

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