Most effective marketing vehicles according to consumer’s perception

A cross category research, measured the Impact of several Marketing vehicles on people’s consuming decisions in main categories / Industries. (Romi Media, research division, 2018) .

The research was focused on four main vehicles:

  1. SPOQ — Social Proof Of Quality. this vehicle is based on users reviews and combines sentiment & volume of users recommendations. Ranking products and services by user’s recommendation will be a leading factor in the next phase of Digital Marketing.
  2. Content Marketing. Brands and Services , provide consumers with relevant — high value content and by that develop on going relations with the audience
  3. UIA — User’s Initiated Advertisements. The commercial information is initiated by users search for a specific product or service.
  4. ATL / One To Many Advertisements. This is a traditional mass media, commercial interaction, in which one source ( brand, company, service provider) tries to convince the audience to prefer its product or service. This vehicle refers to off line or digital ads such as on TV , Magazines , Radio , Websites and Social Networks display ads, etc.

The research was focus on 12 main categories :

Banking / Finance / Insurance

Consumer Packaged Goods

Media, Content, Communication

Consumers services (Lawyers, Accountants, etc. )


Health Care

Retail (traditional)



Self Enhancement Services (Trainers, Psychologists, Dieticians, etc. )

On Line stores

Leisure (Travel, Hotels etc.)

Research results

Research main conclusions

SPOQ — Social Proof Of Quality vehicle , has major Impact on people when they have to take decisions in the fields of Leisure , Consumers services ( such as Lawyers and Accountants ), Education , Health Care and Self Enhancement services ( such as Trainers, Psychologists , Dieticians etc.). It seems like in these categories, one should invest all its marketing budget in the evolving discipline of SPOQ and Content and avoid any One To Many / ATL activity.

According to this research, traditional advertising makes Impact and should be the leading marketing vehicle only in the Consumers package goods , Media and software & Electronic categories.

UIA / Search engine marketing should be your best choice if you are in the On Line stores, Banking, Software and Electronic fields.

This research may help marketers to choose what vehicles will lead their Marketing plan according to their main category.

All products and services that belong to the mega category of Human Enhancement & Empowerment should be focused on SPOQ (primary vehicle) and UIA .

Traditional Advertising should play a minor role in this category.

This mega category, includes industries such as : Travel,. Leisure, Pharma, Self Enhancement, Education, Health care, Impulsive On Line Shopping , Trainers, Psychologists , Dieticians and many more

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