Chris pratt and the entertainment industry isnt really the same.
Charles Tyler

Are you kidding me? You don’t think people have deep emotions tied up in movie and TV franchises? Have you never met a hardcore trekkie? Do you not remember people camping out for weeks for tickets to Episode 1? Do you not think the 501st Stoomtrooper Legion is just as dedicated as the Hogettes or the Raider Nation? Have you not heard of ComicCons where fans stand in line all day just for an autograph or a trinket of some sort or to be among the first to see a new trailer? People argue DC vs Marvel and Picard vs Kirk just as passionately as they argue Celtics vs Lakers and LeBron vs Jordan. There was nothing “poor” about my analogy. In fact, I would argue that your repeated claims that everyone else’s analogies are unacceptable is a poor debate strategy.

All of that being said, I think we mostly agree. I have no problem with “sports hate” and playful taunting. That’s a normal, healthy part of being a fan. But people being personally offended by Durant’s leaving, being unwilling to understand why he made the decision he made, and questioning his heart and his manhood is going too far to me. You want to hold up a “cupcake” sign at the arena? Fine. Go for it. But people seem to legitimately hate him now. One of my friends who’s an OKC fan (from North Carolina, it should be mentioned) posts negative stuff about Durant all the time and can’t seem to understand why a 28-year-old black man might choose to move to the Bay area after spending eight years in Oklahoma. Sports hate is fine. Rivalries are fun. But Durant is getting the kind of childish, blind hate that LeBron gets now and it’s stupid.