David Fincher and House of Cards has to be up there too, no? At least Season 1. Great article!
Travis Wilson

I’m pretty sure she’s only including shows that were entirely directed by one person. Fincher only directed the first two episodes of House of Cards. Film directors launching a new series by directing the first episode, but only “executive producing” the rest of the series is pretty common. Martin Scorsese directed the pilots of both Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl. Guillermo del Toro directed the first episodes of the first two seasons of The Strain. Michael Mann directed the pilot of Luck. Sam Raimi directed the pilot of the Evil Dead TV show. It helps set the tone and visual style of the show and gets the project more attention. Sorrentino and Soderbergh, on the other hand, directed every episode of their shows. It’s extremely rare for any one person to direct an entire season of a TV show, let alone a person who happens to be a successful filmmaker. Cary Fukunaga directed all of season one of True Detective, but he doesn’t have the resume of a Soderbergh or a Sorrentino.