Accommodation services for foreign students in the United States

A high quality life is based on high quality education. The world’s top universities are located in the United States of America. However, studying in the U.S. usually means very high costs, high standards to be reached by foreign students and tough competition amongst them.

These are foreign students’ most important problems in the U.S.

The most frequently discussed problem is accommodation of foreign students that want to attend U.S. high schools and colleges. It is more and more difficult for their parents to find a decent place to rent, relatively close to school and at an affordable price. Most parents of foreign students search the Internet for a place to rent for their children during their high schools years in the U.S. Given they know nothing of the cities they are about to send their children to, finding the right place to rent becomes a time-consuming process, which, in most cases, leads to choosing an expensive place in a bad neighborhood, very far from where the high school is located.

Another problem frequently reported by parents trying to accommodate foreign students in the U.S. is the gap between what landlords promise to offer and the harsh reality. Most of us have been to a vacation abroad, found a place to rent that looked really nice on the Internet, only to get to that location and discover that the pictures where photoshoped, the place was really far from the beach, and overall, the place was a mess. This can be a real holiday breaker. Imagine living there for four years.

As for rental prices, the U.S. is one of the most expensive regions in the world, especially compared to the facilities they offer. Some of the foreign students going to an American high school end up getting a job because the money their parents send is not enough. It is extremely difficult for them to work and study at such a young age. And so, their academic course is compromised, and the American dream turns into a nightmare. Other families of foreign students just give up their children’s studying in the U.S. when they can no longer afford the accommodation, and all the money, time and energy invested in their children’s education is going down the drain.

Food is another problem foreign students have in the U.S. Given the difference between American food and food in their home countries, some of them can never get used to American food habits. This leads to stress and health problems later on in the adult life.

Student Housing Box’s solution to all these problems

Student Housing Box is a company that facilitates foreign students’ access to U.S. high schools and supports them during their years of study. From consulting to transportation and accommodation, Student Housing Box offers full services for foreign students that want to pursue an academic path in the U.S.

You’ve probably seen many American movies where high school athletes get scholarships so they can study for free in top universities. This happens in real life and it can happen to foreign students, too. How can a foreign student get a scholarship from a top U.S. university? Student Housing Box supports their access in the American education system since ninth grade and registering at the Inspiration Academy and the United Tennis Academy, where foreign students learn to play tennis from real pros and have the opportunity to benefit from a top university scholarship once they graduate from a U.S. high school.

Student Housing Box takes care of foreign students since the moment they arrive in the U.S. until they graduate. The company provides transportation services between the airport and the place of living, so they don’t have to worry about not getting a taxi, or paying too much, or getting mugged. Student Housing Box also ensures transportation between the place of living and the high school each student is attending.

As for the living spaces provided by Student Housing Box, each room is accommodated by 2–3 students. This way they’re never alone, but have all the privacy they need. Students can benefit of all facilities, like water, electricity and Internet. All meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided by Student Housing Box and are based on cooked food, not on fast-food.

Students don’t even have to clean their own rooms, as the company ensures cleaning services, too. Students are also ensured transportation for personal shopping once a week. They are under adult supervision 24/7.

Another Student Housing Box advantage is that you know all the costs from the beginning. You don’t have to worry about someone raising the rent, or about other problems you didn’t think of before. Student Housing Box offers a wide range of services upon request, so that foreign children can have a great experience studying in the United States.

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