How to Solve the Office Noise Issue for your staff?

There is no doubt that the open-office concept has strong benefits for employees and companies alike. Open office concepts promote communication and idea sharing. They reduce overhead costs and help employees feel like more of a team. However, open offices can also decrease productivity and noise levels are a common complaint. Sometimes those noise distractions can increase stress, fatigue and negatively impact overall performance.

Improve office productivity and morale 
What if you could offer employees a fully enclosed, comfortable, work space that was sound proof and easily accessible from their desk whenever they needed it? Those employees could now alleviate the stresses of noise levels… take phone calls in peace… handle personal matters without taking too much time away from their jobs. Does that sound like something that would be of value in your office?
A privacy phone booth is a good choice.

Phone Booth brings the following benefits to your office:
Privacy: Great sound insulation so your calls are private and you can’t hear office noise
Great Acoustics: Echo-free acoustics inside the booth so your calls are effective and the person on the other end isn’t wondering if you’re calling from the parking garage
Comfortable: Well-ventilated space, because sitting in a hot, stuffy place would not help your productivity
Free Standing Product: Easy to move and reassemble
Compact Size: Easy to place — it comes with everything in one neat package
Equipment Included: Table top, air ventilation, electric socket and LED lighting