Modern Office Desk for Home

For a long time, desktops for home, office and computer desks were presented on the market in one category. The reason for this was almost identical table models, in which technical requirements for operation in certain rooms were not provided. Today, the situation on the furniture market has changed for the better: massive furniture is replaced by light and ergonomic models. The sale of office desks is divided into three segments: an ordinary desktop, an office desktop and a computer desk.

Computer desks or office desks are indispensable helpers for the office and home. Their advantage over conventional desks is the availability of all the devices for proper operation of the equipment. Thanks to them, you can compactly place the printer, keyboard and system unit, as well as comfortably equip the workplace.

So what are the functional features of office desks. The possibility of transformation is the main advantage the office desks. Thanks to the modular system, which is used in almost all office desk models, we are able to set the table based on the needs of the person. This kind of office tables can be suited even at home. It will give not only functionality but also comfort. Each stuff will be organized. Specialized tables for the office can consist of additional side tables and several corner elements, which ensures the compactness in the workplace.

Modern wood processing technologies make it possible to make office tables of any geometric shape, but the most common is the triangular shape. Corner tables are more convenient than regular rectangular tables, and the respectable appearance and practicality of such tables allow them to be used for arranging any space. Large area of the table allows to put all the necessary computer and office equipment.

The corner office desk has a lot of advantages over the usual office desk. Such table is compact and mobile which saves the space to a considerable extent. Office corner desk differ from the usual table also with its ergonomics and smaller dimensions. Thanks to the large working surface, the office corner table allows even more rational use of the area of ​​the room. This option is ideal for those who combine paper work with a slave at the computer.

When there is a shortage of working space or a periodic need to increase it, mobile auxiliary tables like side tables on wheels can be used. Side tables can be lower than the main table for 1.9–2.7 inches maximum.

Today, the sale of office desks is well organized, and when buying furniture for the home-office you can always pick up the necessary additional modules like bookcases, cabinets, boxes.

In order for office desks to serve you for many years, you should follow certain rules of use:

· to maintain the strength of furniture, the recommended humidity in the premises is 45–70%, and the air temperature is within 59 F — 140 F;

· the minimum distance between heating and furniture is 0.5 meters;

to open doors, the average force should not exceed 3 kg; For drawers on conventional rails up to 5 kg; Boxes on rollers do not have a restriction on the weight of stored things.