Andre Peterson
Sep 2, 2018 · 3 min read

What is workplace hygiene and what is it important?

To feel good in your workplace, it needs to be clean. That is a standard no company can afford to skip. Hygiene is essential for employee wellbeing and productivity. It goes without saying that if there are aspects of it lacking, the consequences for the company will be dire.

Workplace hygiene is best maintained at a high enough level through certain policies. It is best when all employees follow the same standards, as that ensures good hygiene. In case your company still hasn’t implemented such policies, it needs to do so now in all of the following areas:

  • Cleanliness and work — hygiene policies need to make provision that every single employee keeps their work area or workstation clean. This could mean different things, but most commonly it refers to cleaning the surface with a disinfectant. In doing so, they will reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and increase wellbeing. Clutter is also an aspect of workplace cleanliness. Keeping the area tidy should be on their list of priorities as well.
  • Personal hygiene — this concerns the appearance, habits and cleanliness of employees and usually falls into the category of more sensitive issues. By implementing an official policy about this, your company can avoid the awkwardness. Once employees know precisely what the company expects from them, they will follow the criteria. This includes, but is not limited to showering, grooming, hair-washing, using deodorant, hand-washing, etc. Hand washing in particular and the usage of hand sanitising products is essential, as it can prevent the spread of serious illness.
  • Cleaning the kitchen — the policies regarding the kitchen of your workplace have to cover frequent cleaning, as well as maintenance of utensils and any equipment present there. This standard is a sure way to ensure accountability for the task and ensure that everything is done properly. If employees think that the standard for cleaning is not high enough, they can complain.
  • Restroom facilities hygiene — workplace hygiene policies ensure that the restrooms of the company are easy to use and do not present any risk for the health of employees. Also, such policies ensure that said facilities are always supplied with hand soap, toilet paper and drying towels/equipment. Cleaning these facilities is usually a matter of hiring the right office cleaning company.

There is a straightforward reason why workplace hygiene needs to be maintained on a high enough level: good health. Without the proper policies and cleaning standards, the area will contribute to more sick leaves. This, in turn, translates to missed opportunities and revenue for the company. A clean workplace is a safe place. More importantly, it is a place where employees feel good and don’t mind spending time at.

If you own a business, you need to keep in mind these policies above and standards. They, along with hiring an office cleaning company, are the only way to ensure a hygienic workplace.

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