Commercial design company in Singapore

Commercial design is a rising industry in recent years . Interior design is the first look to visitors . What are the steps about design in the best commercial design company in Singapore?
Here are the four sections:
1. Preparation and communication
Understanding the demands of guests,which included the whole impression of office(traditional or fashion)、style(free or strict)、color(bright or dark) and so on . This is the most important job before running the projects .
2. Design:
In the part,the mainly job are measuring the size、drawing the graphics calculating and purchasing(or by the guests) . Measuring, including the whole area(height、width、length),size of the furniture,doors,windows and so on . Drawing the graphics which is the guidance of the decoration . Calculating the price of the material and estimating the cost . Purchasing the stuff before constructing,which contains wood、oil color、brush and so on .
3. Construction:
Commercial design company in Singapore provide with many professional decoration personnel to construct,who are effcient and responsible .
4. Acceptance:
After construction,users and Monitor companies would check the rooms,according to its security of construction,harmful substance and others to decide whether it is eligible .
A reliable and best commercial design company will respect the willingness of guests and provide with the first-rate ,high-quality to the someone who really trusts them .

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