A Letter to Barack Obama.

Dear Barack Obama and Obama Foundation,

In this highly charged political and social climate we are in, our country is more divided than ever. Americans are forced to voice their concerns louder than they have ever had to before. No matter what the issue may be: Healthcare, Climate Change, or Voting and Civil Rights, it seems like we the people have to protect what we value as Americans now more than ever. We need something to unify us. I believe I have the solution, the answer, the flag for us to rally around and lead us to a better America.

I think Barack Obama should buy an ownership stake in the Houston Rockets.

Think about it! Barack Obama sitting court-side for every nationally televised game. Time out interviews with Doris Burke talking about how CP3 is fitting in with the team, get to slide in a comment on how important gerrymandering reform is if there’s time, and maybe, just maybe help James Harden not choke in the playoffs.

If he buys The Rockets I also guarantee the Democrats will take over the House in 2018. If the former President helps the oft-forgotten middle America to get an NBA Championship and fix basketball inequality by defeating the coastal liberal elite Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals it will certainly trend that part of the country blue. And if it doesn’t work out and he wants to bail, sell all future draft picks to The Bulls! It’s a win-win!

Please. Our country needs leadership. Obama is that leader.

Buy The Rockets.

Sincerely, A Proud American and NBA Fan,

Cody Kopp

P.S. If The President isn’t into it, I’ll accept trying James Dolan for war crimes as a substitute plan.