Listing of TMED on Coinzest!!

Hello 1ST LAB subscribers,
We are happy to give you great news regarding MDsquare(TMED).
TMED will be listed on Coinzest as a 2nd exchange.
A few hours ago, we guessed that TMED will be listed on the Coinzest.
Yeah, it was right.

Coinzest’s trading volume is much higher than previous exchange which is Trebit. Also, tokens that will be supplied on the Coinzest are 1 billion which is 1/6 of 1st IEO on TREBIT. I can’t guess how many pumps will be going on. It’s exciting news over the week. I hope TMED investors are happy too.

Here’s an official announcement from Coinzest

We are cryptocurrency exchange Coinzest.

The following cryptocurrency will be listed on Coin Zest and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

[Listed cryptocurrency]

[Date and time of listing and trading]
Available on: November 30, 2018 (Fri)
If you open your wallet and deposit and withdrawal service, you will be informed later

[TMED] Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
The date and time: 2018. 11. 30 (Fri)
Progress Market: KRW Market
Processed quantity: 1 billion TMED

* This IEO is not covered by the deposit policy apart from the existing coin-zest ‘Token Sale’.

[Listings and Events]
* Listing and withdrawal transaction times may be adjusted depending on market conditions.
* In the case of Etherium and ERC20 tokens, depending on network conditions, withdrawals may not be smooth.
* If you can not view the coin on your PC, please click Refresh (F5).
* If deemed fraudulent transactions or abnormal transactions, it may be excluded from the event.
* When the amount of event is exhausted, there may be some time lag between notification and participation of your event.
* In case of this event, due to circumstances, it may be changed or canceled without notice.
* cryptocurrency may fluctuate in price.

Thank you.

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