MDsquare (TMED) finished 1st round of IEO (Initial Coin Offering) in 1 second.

As soon as TMED, the payment method of MDtalk, a telemedicine service, started selling on the Korean exchange ‘Trebit’, it ended in one second. This is crazy. This is a very unusual case in the crypto market where the recent steady decline demand of ICO is observed.

Firstlab’s TMED Review

- Listing Price: 1 KRW (0.001$)

- Token volume: 6,000,000,000
After the IEO, I do not know where the second exchange will be, but 3.8 billion out of the 9 billion will be used for listing on the second exchange. To be listed on a large exchange tokens are needed that much. The total volume of distribution is 6 billion + 3.8 billion = 9.8 billion.

ROI of TMED (2018.11.09) — 1.7X

Where is the next destination of TMED?

Yesterday, administrator of TMED’s Korean community said that it will soon launch a second sale of TMED at another exchange.

November 8 (Thu) The listing of the first round of the TIMED was completed.
I am sorry that I have confused you due to the transaction detection on November 7th (Wed) or more. We appreciate for your continued interest in TMED, and we would like to continue to provide you with good news with transparent and accurate business operations.
We will be listed on the second exchange soon. We will make it possible to announce the details of the second exchange after consultation with the Exchange, and we will attempt to announce the third exchange soon as soon as possible. I will give you a good reward for everyone who loves and loves us.
Thank you.