Vertex: An OTC platform for ICO tokens

Vertex is the first aftermarket for ICOs, featuring thoroughly vetted projects ensuring that users have access to quality investments. Vertex is also an over-the-counter platform, which means that all trading all the platform is done without the supervision of an exchange.

Vertex is the first and only platform where investors can OTC trade ICO tokens. This allows Vertex to provide investors opportunity to buy credible ICO tokens before they hit exchanges, and after the initial sale has ended.

OTC trading is particularly useful for institutional investors, looking to buy (or sell) large quantities of coins. Buying a large amount of cryptocurrency on an exchange can be incredibly costly affair (due to fees), and can move the entire market up or down. Trading OTC limits this, and fees are generally much lower.

As an OTC platform, Vertex will also provide large amounts of liquidity to a formerly non-liquid, digital assets class. This can only prove positive for the market, and for those looking to invest in these digital assets.

OTC trading is not new to the crypto space, but OTC trading ICO tokens is. Being an OTC platform, Vertex can provide investors with all of the benefits of OTC trading, and a secure, credible method of buying into ICOs before they hit exchanges.

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