Vertex User Categories: Standard vs. Institutional Users

Vertex is the first OTC market for tokens, featuring thoroughly vetted projects ensuring that users have access to quality investments. Vertex is the first and only platform where investors can OTC trade tokens.

Vertex has two user types, a Standard User (Buyer), and Institutional Investors (Sellers). Within each of these categories, there are different tiers.

Standard User

Standard users can only buy digital assets through Vertex, and are not able to sell. Within the Standard User category, the three tiers are B1, B2, and B3 — each with different requirements and access. In order to buy security tokens on the OTC platform, users have to become tier B3. Users who have built up enough volume and wish to start selling, may request an account change to Institutional Investors only once they hit tier B2.

Institutional User

Institutional Investors, or sellers, are those who have been granted permission to sell digital assets on the Vertex aftermarket. There are two tiers to this user category: Tier S1 and S2. Level S2 is granted only to corporations, and therefore individual users will remain on S1.

Each user level and token type comes with different advantages. Those looking to becoming major players while selling on the platform will most likely attempt to become S2 users, while others will be satisfied purchasing utility only tokens based on B1 membership. Either way, it’s clear that Vertex, as an OTC market for tokens, can be useful to a diverse group of people in many different ways.

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