Vertex VTEXP Promo Token Launched

There is nothing like getting a sneak peak of the latest apps or being part of the lucky few who get to try a product before it hits the market. In the world of cryptocurrency that is almost impossible, yet so much more useful than in the realm of traditional products and services. Being able to try a new dApp out before it is launched, along with its indigenous token can make the difference when users are trying to make up their mind in a crowded market. That is exactly why Vertex, the first OTC market for tokens, is launching a promo token — VTEXP — together with an alpha version of its platform.

An MVP, an Opportunity to Purchase Real Tokens & Redeemable Tokens

Vertex is coming out with a special alpha version of its aftermarket, so people can use it, generate feedback where necessary and see how the whole idea will operate. The experiment is as unprecedented as the project itself. Users who are holding. the VTEXP token will be able to:

-Buy tokens from sold out tokens at preferential rates with it, resembling the way that the Vertex aftermarket platform will operate with the VTEX token once it is launched.

-Redeem their promo tokens for VTEX tokens once the token generation event starts at a ratio of 1:1.

-See Vertex’s MVP in action, something that few projects in the space deliver on.

-Learn how the Vertex aftermarket platform will work once the commercial version is released.

Real Tokens for Sale!

To deploy this, Vertex’s team is working on the final details of the alpha version of the platform. They are also gathering a cadre of worthwhile tokens from projects that have already finished their ICOs to offer on the platform. The philosophy is to allow a select group of enthusiasts, the pioneers who are looking to try this unprecedented platform, to experience it first hand.

VTEXP Promo Token Sale

Vertex will handle the utilization of the VTEXP promo token through its website, on a limited time basis. If you are interested in becoming a pioneer and trying the Vertex token aftermarket out before it launches, check out the Vertex website for further instructions. You can also follow this unprecedented alpha launch on Vertex’s Telegram group, or stay informed through your favorite social media platform, like Twitter or Facebook. The Vertex team is excited to launch this innovative promo token to encourage users in the space to experience this unprecedented project first-hand.

Get your hands on VTEXP now, by signing up on our website today: