What You Need to Know About the Economy that Supports the Vertex Marketplace

Vertex is the world’s first OTC market for tokens, where investors can access pre-evaluated coins at preferential prices.

The Vertex economy has been designed to adapt to growth within the eco-system. With each BTC or ETH that is spent into the ITS (Initial Token Sale), demand for VTEX will grow and so too will the eco-system as a whole. The VTEX token is deflationary, so it will appreciate as more users contribute to the ITS, and those who hold on to their VTEX tokens will see more benefits than those who choose to sell it on an exchange.

Investors can use the VTEX utility to token to lower their costs immensely, whether they’re a retail or an institutional investor. Costs are in VTEX tokens, while will ensure a progressive growth pattern for Vertex as usership grows.

If you’re into two minds about whether or not to use your VTEX utility tokens or sell them, consider this: If you decide not to use them, and to trade with the full fees, Vertex will take 30% of the fees and and buy paid VTEX tokens back from the market, thereby generating volume and liquidity, and supporting the price of VTEX.

Vertex will support the eco-system, to ensure liquidity and volume, however you, as users, can help too!

Head to https://vertex.market to learn more and to start trading on the Portal now.