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Jan 14 · 2 min read

Banking Network Cryptographic - BNC Network is developing an open source blockchain network that will bridge the divide between traditional banking systems and decentralized advantages. Implementing the BNC network via web and mobile application called “Ubanker”, both enterprises and individuals will be able to self-manage and automate their finances through a secure, transparent, fast and borderless system while substantially reducing the cost of all transactions.

The BNC network begins with the SkyNet SDK protocol, this is a newly developed layer of access for users to the BNC Blockchain. Its purpose is to provide an entry path of users capital to the Skynet cloud volts where the BNC fiat-collateralized stable coins are stored and released based on SWIFT and SEPA remittance code activation keys. This is the groundwork of BNCs “Ubanker” application, where users will be able to manage all the smart contracts and financial instruments to simplify the way they manage their finances.

“Ubanker” creates a beneficial ecosystem that will cater to an array of global users. These users will include private individuals, financial institutions, exchange platforms, e-commerce platforms, payment service providers, e-money wallet operators and more. Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, BNC has developed a unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol that allows users to enjoy a zero-exposure revenue-generating investment vehicle. In addition, BNC provides most of today’s financial instruments in a new decentralized solution assembled on our blockchain, accessible through an easy to use application.

In short, BNCs “Ubanker” application will give an alternative to how businesses and individuals store, spend and invest their capital, benefitting all users with a variety of unique features.

BNC Network

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