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Mar 24 · 3 min read

We’ve all dreamt about the future, and some of us have experienced it like Marty McFly in Back To The Future. The crazy thing is, it seems to be here already.

When Marty goes into the future it depicts flying cars (ok we only have self-driving cars and drones), digital holograms, prediction of the Cubs winning the world series, etc. The only thing they didn’t predict was the emergence of cryptocurrency. How they got everything else right beats me.

It can be argued that the invention of Bitcoin uncovered a major societal flaw that we didn’t even realize was there, our dependence on banks which ultimately rely on the government. For as long as we can remember, the societal standard to keep your money safe it must be in a bank. It is engraved in our brains that banks are the only trusted third party, with the only alternative being hiding your money under the mattress. This cultivated a society that runs on the banks time and rules with little to no alternative.

In the wake of the technological boom we’ve seen over the last couple of decades, industries were required to meet the changing demands of their clients. Much like Uber was a response to the taxi industry and Air BnB was a response to the hotel industry, we see the financial world having to catch up as well.

Smartphones bring an unparalleled level of convenience to their owners with everything they want on demand and banks know this. By creating banking apps users are now able to check their balance, deposit checks or transfer money all at their own convenience. While this is more convenient than having to go to the physical bank, there are still downsides to banks that Bitcoin meant to uncover. Such as true transparency, minimal cost, and expediency of transactions worldwide which banks just can’t compete with.

BNC LedgerTech has created a convenient alternative to the banks with their application Ubanker. By utilizing Ubanker users benefit with a banking alternative where you can keep your current account and transfer your static funds (which sit on record low interest rates) to a revolutionary new bank with a custodian account that accrues passive income and much, much more.

BNC LedgerTech starts by solving the banks biggest problem, their age-old infrastructure. Through BNCs Skynet SDK, users are able to swiftly and seamlessly transfer funds effectively digitizing their money, gaining convenient peer-to-peer benefits from the network. Additionally, users are also able to volunteer their static capital to a passive income generation instrument.

We didn’t stop there, BNC LedgerTech is the technology behind the Ubanker application, a fully EMI licensed bank which upholds the strictest KYC/AML standards. The Ubanker application will be the first financial instrument utilizing BNC’s ledger technology, allowing its users to enjoy all the features it has to offer. These features include transfer fees capped at 10 cents no matter the size or destination of transfer, low-interest decentralized loans, convenient merchant payment processing solution and many more.

It’s not clear whether cryptocurrencies will be widely accepted in the banking world, but one this is for sure; digital currency is. In fact, with cash transactions becoming less and less popular, digital currency is the thing of the future. The financial world as we know it is changing, with convenience in high demand and innovation granting that. BNC LedgerTech is among those in the forefront leading the charge on a revolutionary new digitized world for consumers convenience.

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