CBCF Annual Legislative Conference — CBC Tech 2020 RECAP

Black Innovation: Ready, Willing, and Able

Honorary Host: Rep. G. K. Butterfield and Rep. Barbara Lee

While some big tech firms are taking steps to increase the number of African-Americans that they employ, there is a growing number of African American tech pioneers creating their own opportunities. Startup accelerators, tech hubs and co¬working spaces are home to a new wave of innovation where black entrepreneurs demonstrate that they are ‘ready, willing, and able’ to succeed in the tech industry.

This discussion featured a high profile panel of venture capital experts who provided insight on cultivating and sustaining a healthy pipeline of African American entrepreneurs in tech.

Left to Right: Ali Abdullah, CEO of ClaimIt! App; Phiderika Foust, President and CEO of PowerMoves; Jamere Jackson, CFO of Nielsen Company; Kathryn Finney, Founder and Managing Director of Digitalundivided; Aisha Bowe, Co-Founder and CEO of STEMBoard; Jason Townes, Managing Partner at Groundwork Ventures; Brandon Andrews, Values Partnerships
Rep. Barbara Lee Greets the Audience.
“Collectively, we must do our part to develop and expand engines of innovation in our communities, by training more African Americans in the STEM field, encouraging entrepreneurship, and expanding minority access to capital.”
— Rep. G. K. Butterfield, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus

Watch the Entire Discussion:

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Rep. Butterfield, Rep. Cleaver and Rep. Johnson updated attendees on the progress of the CBC TECH 2020 initiative, including the catalysts that helped launch the program as well as success stories from the first year.