COFFE Ecosystem completes work on adding (listing) tokens on the COFFE Exchange.

20 coins are available for trading in the USDT-pairs:


Also, all of listed coins are available for trading in the CFF-pairs.

Token markets are available by links:

To access for trading, each user:

(1) must to create a personal account in the COFFE ecosystem (

(2) add funds to COFFE Wallet (

(3) login to the COFFE Exchange ( with the same credentials (login…

The COFFE project’s team continues to work on the basic elements of the COFFE platform.

In accordance with the roadmap, the main goals of the Q3 and Q4 (2018) have been achieved:

  • a COFFE user’s Personal Dashboard ( has been launched
  • Cryptocurrency COFFE Exchange ( has been launched
  • Token COFFE (CFF) has been listed at the COFFE Exchange
  • The 1st open stage of tokensale has been completed. 65.90% of tokens have been distributed (1.318 billion of 2.000 billion CFF).

In General, the running items are functioning now. But they require debugging and improvement.

The current work of the team is…

The most important achievement of mankind for today, it is the freedom of expression of self to the moment, while it does not harm the other individuals.

For many people today, probably for 99% of the participants of the crypto movement, the new technology is just a way to earn money. For this you can not blame the people or make a claim. Any startup is a grain, and the strength of its growth depends on the soil, on the care, watering, careful hands of people who create something out of nothing, as a tree grows from a small seed.

It is necessary to write about it as it is the truth. Several people joined to our project at the early stages of team building. Then they separated from the team. Some of them contributed to the development of the project, some did not. Some of the people we helped to cope with the panic of the cryptocurrency fall. Someone just picked up the idea of the project as a chance to get out of a difficult financial situation, not fully understanding what is behind the implementation of the idea.

They clearly did not understand all the complexities of the…

Who you are

If you have the pleasure to belong to a not-so-numerous community of crypto market experts and professional crypto traders, then you definitely know more than two thousand crypto assets that are currently on the market. You can with assumptions but in general correctly evaluate the market prospects of these assets on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis, to distinguish the scam project from the beginning. You can certainly easily use several trading platforms to reduce risks and increase the return on the market. And probably you can use the automated trading systems (trading robots) and algorithmic…

COFFE system

A complex set of interrelated parts, the work on which began a year and a half ago, is continuing and will continue for more than a year.

Ecosystem COFFE

Every part of the system has something unique, useful and in demand on the market, something that will make the life of each member of COFFE better. …

Dear friends, colleagues, investors, all who are interested in the most modern technologies related to blockchain, who are interested in the Coffe project, which we consider one of the most interesting and promising projects ever created by people. We were silent for a long time and did not make any publications. There was no time. We devoted all our time to our project, about which we begin a series of publications. …

Coffe official

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