Difficult start

It is necessary to write about it as it is the truth. Several people joined to our project at the early stages of team building. Then they separated from the team. Some of them contributed to the development of the project, some did not. Some of the people we helped to cope with the panic of the cryptocurrency fall. Someone just picked up the idea of the project as a chance to get out of a difficult financial situation, not fully understanding what is behind the implementation of the idea.

They clearly did not understand all the complexities of the development process and were not ready to face the difficulties, lack of finances, exhausting work and psychological pressure both inside and outside the team. We are ruled by the spirit of freedom and democracy. The basis of success is reasonable sense. Any action must find an explanation and support of all team members.

When there is a completely new business, everyone starts the execution of the direction close to him in spirit. In our case, it was a “marketing” pool of our project. Having appeared on the market yesterday, the guys just physically could not understand that it is possible to develop the project according to a model different from the:

Idea — White Paper — HYPE — Sale — Listing — Fall

On the crypto market, that’s OK, a normal situation. After a round of bounty, there are plenty of people willing to fix the profits. This is also a standard situation. There is no product yet. There is no created value. But there is a large mass of coins in circulation with a value that does not actually confirm by anything. The result is predictable, so the token holders are hurry to sell the tokens at almost any price.

In such situation the developers have to either keep the community on “slow fire” adding the news, or go into the deep development, or as an option, do nothing, just to create the visibility of the process. The last option is the most common, as it is the easiest one.

We have decided that first we create a working product, and then we start to think about marketing, promotion, advertising.

The benefit is that we already had a small community that guided us and allowed us to avoid some mistakes.

But the problems have started. This model did not suit the part of the team. The guys who took the marketing positions. They were fundamentally disagree with the idea of promotion of project after the completion of the development.

One day in June 2018, they have demanded $ 700,000 for an urgent start of ICO and promotion of the project. Moreover, they demanded, without the providing of any guarantees of result.

“Give us $ 700,000,” that’s all they were willing to discuss.

“What are the guarantees?”

“Nobody will give a guarantee.”

It was extremely surprising, taking into account our unreadiness to enter the market, and taking into account the state of the market by itself…

By that time, the main products were not ready. The exchange, a personal account with a wallet, derivatives, many more branches, everything existed in its infancy. Only the work on the debugging of the TestNet network came to an end. Moreover, the idea by itself was not fully formed and described.

We have refused. Firstly, the principle of consistency was violated, and secondly, the basis of the team had completely different goals, ideas and aspirations. No one set the task to collect the money at any cost. There were enough internal resources. The work was carried out, the product was built.

Formed a split, that strangely enough, has brought together a team and has accelerated the work and development. We did not have any pressing factors, both internal and external, we continued to work with a double force and soon the results of our efforts could be seen, felt by hands.

The part of the team that left the project headed the “opposition”, taking up the insinuations sometimes reaching out to outright lies, but it did not matter. By early September 2018, we had the finished product. Yes, there were a lot of shortcomings, none of them could be called a significant ones, affecting to the efficiency of the work