The United States Treasury’s Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has sanctioned two Chinese officials and accused them of cryptocurrency laundering. OFAC accused the two to have been in connection with a 2018 cryptocurrency exchange hack by the Lazarus Group. Moreover, the US Department of Justice indicted both of them with money laundering.

Juiadong Li and Yinyin Tian are allegedly linked to activities of the Lazarus Group.

A malicious cybersecurity wing that law enforcement believe has links with the North Korean government. Following the announcement of the indictment, Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the following:

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The users of Coinbase Wallet could now be able to transfer digital currencies to “short human-friendly addresses,” in addition to the ones which were created with the help of Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

On Tuesday Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu, the product lead declared that Coinbase Wallet now supported personalized wallet usernames for transferring digital currencies, except the traditional long ones like “0x89136a83664fa0673930be34463e444260775dc”.

The Customizable Address Will Make The Privacy Better

According to a blog post by Coelho-Prabhu, they believed these developments would make digital currencies much simpler to use and help encourage adoption among a larger mainstream audience.

Sent live Tuesday, customers could transfer digital currencies by asking receivers for their Wallet usernames such as “@walletfan” and use them as the transferring addresses. There was also an advantage to keep usernames private.

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Vodafone was seen gaining Bitcoiners attention through a new Bitcoin advertisement on its Facebook page. Earlier, Vodafone became the 8th firm to disassociate itself from the Libra cryptocurrency project of Facebook.

A Response To Facebook’s Libra

Initially, Libra’s network intended to have partner companies to operate the PoS(Point-of-Sale) validation nodes for the cryptocurrency’s network for a reasonable fee. The involvement of regulatory bodies paused the forward momentum of Facebook’s Libra. Almost 8 of the 10 firms who became members earlier chose to walk away from the Libra project. In January 2020, Vodafone walked away from this ambitious crypto project.

Some saw the introduction of a Bitcoin-focused Vodafone advertisement on the firm’s Facebook profile as a veiled outrage directed at Facebook.

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