When a girl writes you a love poem!

Photograph by me

I could think of a million different reasons, but I only got 2 minutes to write this Poem so let’s just leave it at the obvious

She’s into you bro

Big time

For her, her entire. world is in that poem

Everything she wanted to say but couldn’t

All the little moments she treasures like a child

Like that time she introduced herself and attempted to flirt but all she could work up was “wow you’re tall”

Like that day she saw you, how nervous she felt and how everytime you smiled her heart would melt.

Like that night you called just to hear her voice, because how perfect it would be if she had been your first choice

Like that time her heart was in pieces and you gave her hope, you called her beautiful and she made you home

Like the million times she tries confessing her heart but adds “as a friend tho” to avoid your rejection

Or that day you stared at her and

Kissed her

Like you finally knew what love was

When a girl writes you a love poem

Don’t think she’s being platonic

For her, that poem is her breath

It’s everything she imagined, everything she wanted and in that same order

Like that first time she dreamt about you

And How perfect it was

Like she imagined her first kiss and how blissful it would be

Like she imagines holding your hand

Without being cautious that someone might mistake it for something else

But oh how she wanted the misunderstanding

How she craved your lips on hers and how she had fantasies of you making her squirm

How perfect it would be to hear you say you love her so surely, with no doubts at all

When a girl writes you a love poem

It is her confession

She’s finally okay with what she’s feeling

And the chances of you rejecting her no longer scares her

Because see when a girl writes you a love poem

She already decided she’d love you forever

She already decided she’d have your children

She already decided

That despite the set backs and the mishaps

Despite the chorus of voices telling her to let you go

Despite how crazy she would sound

How delusional she may seem

She is madly in love with you, and she’d wait a lifetime for you to see that

So the next time a girl writes you a love poem

Do not be contemptuous

Because she would,

every single

Choose you

Over life