The Concept Of Polygamy In Muslim Marriage

Marriage is a legal contract in Islam, not a sacred like Christian. Islam required responsibilities and rights of both husband and wife. Marriage fulfills half faith of a man, and it is an enormous favor of Allah. In Islam, there are two types of the wedding such as polygamy and monogamy. Many of the people around the world are insulted polygamy system in Islam. Polygamy is a system that is one man can marry up to four which allows in some exceptional cases. Monogamy is a typical system that is one man married one woman.

The ideal marriage is the monogamous type of marriage in Islam. In Kerala, most of the Muslims followed the monogamy systems, and some of them have more than one wife. The polygamy only approved for exceptional circumstances in Islam. It is less than zero point one percent of the Islam world.

Polygamy in Islamic history

In Islam, polygamy is not a male chauvinism, and it doesn’t design to improve sexual life of the men, it is a piece of social legislation. Some of the people misunderstood prophet Muhammed that he is a womanizer and had nine wives. But prophet Muhammed was the highly qualified man, and he was the highest character more than anyone else. Muhammed married Beevi Khadeeja in his twenty-five years who has fifteen years elder than him. He had only one wife until the death of Khadija. They were mostly one of the model couples anybody could follow.

After the age of fifty, the prophet married ten wives. The rationale behind in each marriage of the prophet was real political or religious. Some of the weddings of Prophet Muhammad was to providing protection and-dignity to the widow. Prophet encourages widow marriage and others may follow that example. And one of the marriages of the prophet was to set the slaves free, and Muhammed teaches the people there is no caste discrimination in Islam. He also married to forge friendly relations for the sake of Islam and to break the taboo and show an example.

When the prophet was young and wealthy, he had only one wife. After the death of Beevi Khadija, he married different women except for Aysha, and all were widows and old. Each marriage has an exact purpose, and it does not look the lust and passion.

Polygamy in Kerala Muslim

Most of the Muslims in Kerala follow monogamy system, and it rarely has to support the Polygamy. And it is not widely spread among Kerala Muslims. Most Muslim men in Kerala feel they could not afford the expense of maintaining more than one family. Because Islam strictly ordered that you can marry up to four wives, but if you cannot be able to deal justly with them it will be evil in front of Allah.

In Kerala and Islam, no one can force a lady to marry a married man, and a married man wants to marry one more, he must ask the permission of his first wife. The Kerala Muslim men know that it is challenging to handle one wife and family then why should they get marry another one. Polygamy also makes enormous psychological burdens in the family. It is a fact that the extramarital affairs in the west are greater than the polygamous marriage in Muslim.


Muslims were insulted by other religious people by polygamy practiced in Islam. But in Islam, it is only practiced in some exceptional cases. Kerala Nikah put detailed information on polygamous marriage, and Nikah in Kerala provide the absolute way to choose your compatible spouse.

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