While P2E is still in its infancy, it’s seen significant growth in the past two years, creating both opportunities and problems that never before existed for people around the world. As Web3 technology takes hold, and NFT production + distribution further infiltrate the general market arena, the opportunity arises for problem solvers to create solutions to the new problems being encountered, especially in the newly created GameFi space. That’s why it’s curious that no one seems to be creating feasible solutions for the security problems that exist in the GameFi/ P2E industry for gamers, developers and investors alike.

Though a couple of P2E platforms are emerging right now to aggregate and monitor GameFi titles, they suffer from one of two problems when it comes to addressing the safety of the titles underneath their umbrella. Either they neglect to mention their authentication process at all, or they only offer 2–3 games from trusted developers. The former leaves gamers and investors wondering how safe their investments are, while the latter lacks a long-term vision and makes them susceptible to audience decay due to stale content and game economy fluctuations. Plus, the burden still falls on the players to create accounts, connect their wallets, seek out games, vet games for safety, and then convert their cryptocurrencies into in-game tokens to conduct business.

Another problem is that P2E blockchain game developers are lacking avenues in which to promote their games. Even gaming industry veterans like Valve’s Steam, which boasts 132+ million active users, nearly two decades of experience, and mainstream crossover with consumer gift cards, have failed to embrace blockchain-based games. Valve’s competitive edge over other developers like Epic Games, Rockstar, and Stadia, is that it developed a platform [Steam] that allowed titles from other third party game developers to be hosted on it. This expanded its audience, and therefore also allowed them to generate a secondary income through advertisement to this growing audience. It also set the bar high with its integrated ranking system that allows the better games to rise to the top, and the lackluster ones to drop off. Steam represents the growing market for gaming content, and demonstrates that the gaming economy is a worthwhile investment, but fails to innovate with GameFi integration and marrying P2E and eSports to accelerate the industry growth exponentially.

The point being is that until now, not a single platform has met the needs for safety and expansion that the GameFi economy requires. There’s no consistent destination for players, developers and crypto investors to dedicate their time, money and effort. But, that’s about to change with the introduction of KISHIBURNO.

For gamers, KISHIBURNO offers them an ever-growing list of curated titles by thoroughly vetted developers, an opportunity to rank and review their favorite games, a community to connect with and learn from, an intermediary token $KISHIBURNO that is accepted by every game on the digital distribution platform, and educational resources free of charge to assist them in determining which games are worthwhile for them to play, especially if they are interested in playing to earn. And for the first time ever, the P2E platform offers a dedicated eSports area with a soon to be developed sponsored eSports league!

For investors, KISHIBURNO offers the $KISHIBURNO token with a burning supply and a large variety of benefits at different levels of investment. It also features a stock-like ticker to keep them informed of the various fluctuations in economies for each game on the platform, allowing them to make informed decisions on where to invest their funds. And KISHIBURNO will soon offer a series of Burno NFT’s, combined with the ever expanding community, to further maximize investment dollars.

For developers, KISHIBURNO offers them access to a passionate and enthusiastic audience, a source for ongoing growth and revenue, an opportunity to fine tune their developments through audience feedback, a chance to promote their new titles via advertisement on the platform and platform assets, as well as having the designation of being a safe developer for their mere presence on the KISHIBURNO platform.

KISHIBURNO will be the premier destination for the P2E gaming industry through its P2E GameFi and crypto trading platform. The team members behind KISHIBURNO come from a variety of other successful ventures, positioning it for success as well.

As GameFi enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how important it is to develop something that finds solutions to problems and meets the needs of our unique audience. Currently, P2E games have seen tremendous popularity in the Asia-Pacific market, where a majority of all P2E users reside. We have been watching and learning this market to better understand the key audience demographics and what excites them, so that we can better curate the titles which appear on our platform. Of course, we are mindful of other powerful markets like the US, where growth potential is exponential.

Currently, games on the ERC-20 blockchain are supported by our platform, with plans to add additional blockchains in the future once our initial roadmap benchmarks are reached. As more partnerships with emerging and established game developers are formed, we will roll out partnership announcement campaigns which will attract attention from gamers, game designers and the media.

We will harness the added attention to expand our community and partnership roster; which in turn will increase the value of our platform by giving developers access to a guaranteed audience through integrated advertising options. Revenue generated through advertisement further rewards our investors for their belief in our capabilities, making it an attractive feature of our business model. Massive amounts of profit will be realized, as we allow our platform’s broad focus of utility to guide us.

Casual gamers will be converted to serious P2E players as they observe the income potential and benefits available to those who have taken advantage of paid membership tiers, such as insane multipliers on token investment, DAO governance, and additional opportunities to earn that aren’t available to free members. KISHIBURNO will build its own GameFi ecosystem as its growth snowballs.

Additionally, our platform development has a social good component, as we empower gamers and future gamers around the world to generate a livable wage and beyond through doing what they love. Through our free to play option, educational resources, developer vetting, and community; we can help introduce millions to a whole new way to earn an income in a safer environment. With a majority of global citizens generating less than $300 a month, there is a need to give them access to these opportunities to achieve what they never thought possible.

Not everyone is as fortunate as us to have the opportunity to obtain an education and develop in-demand skills. But like many others, we turned to gaming as our escape and as our way to build our own ideal world virtually. With KISHIBURNO, we are providing an avenue for other gamers like us to bring their ideal worlds to life as well.

So if you are burning to play your way to a better life, check us out at KISHIBURNO.com! For investment inquiries, contact us at: info@KISHIBURNO.com

KISHIBURNO is an upcoming P2E blockchain gaming distribution and crypto analytics platform.

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KISHIBURNO is an upcoming P2E blockchain gaming distribution and crypto analytics platform.