Authored by SatoriNakamoto and JeuTheidit

Masari getting the attention of Trump?! Must be from all the recent news — Further development and direction for the project, the introduction of Boomcast, an introduction video production release, a new betting website, and the revival of MasariPay encompass this update.


Authored by JeuTheIdit and SatoriNakamoto

Yes, Masari is alive! Updated wallets, new server, downed exchanges, new website, new twitter account, and the start of community meetings encompass this update.

Masari is Alive?!

The Crypto Winter was hard on everyone, but with bitcoin around $10,000 we can see the first green…

Authored by Cryptochangements

A lot has been happening with Masari this past month: the Core Team was disbanded, several new releases have been published, the first two community meetings were held, and some generous donors funded me to work part time on masari during this period.

To elaborate on that…

Masari’s successful SECOR fork, an ETH Denver recap, and an announcement about a long running pool encompass this update.

SECOR Completed

The recent fork by Masari to rollout uncle mining, CN-Fast v2, and bulletproofs was successful and those features are now live on chain. …

Uncle mining, bulletproofs, and the next generation of CN-Fast are all bundled up into this release at block #363,000. Here is the necessary information for holders, miners, and pool operators.

Holders — If you

  • Use the core team produced web or mobile wallet, this update requires no action on your…

This update announces the SECOR fork date & new PoW, launches the Collaboration Corner, highlights the new funding system, and covers recent media with upcoming appearances.


On December 8th an announcement was posted in Masari’s Discord & Telegram.

Discussion post announcement covered a wide range of topics, including: what the cause of the massive hash rate spike is, what potential solutions are, what staying the course looks like, and similar commentary. …

This long overdue update launches SECOR & Uncle Mining on the testnet, touches on the Masari Collaboration Corner, shows off our new client-side explorer, and offers some exchange best practices among others.

Uncle Mining

November 1st, 2018 marks the successful launch of Masari’s v8 testnet. This is exciting as it…

Masari has had significant developments since update #4. Let’s take a look at all the exciting news.

Mobile Wallet

Masari Front End Developer Gnock has created a Masari mobile wallet for Android phones. A mobile wallet is a cornerstone for adoption, and an incredibly convenient way to hold MSR. It…

Below is a recap of Q&A from Masari’s first AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. They are listed in descending order of upvotes for the original question.

Any sort of rough plan or timeframe for ledger nano S integration? — (u/pflmagic)

Hi there,

All the necessary components needed for Ledger…


Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, and fungible cryptocurrency which uses the RingCT protocol

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