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Masari developer Gnock released an entirely client side web wallet that is mobile accessible. You can read about it in this release, or go directly to the web wallet site here. Since its public beta release on May 10 the site has seen over 520 unique visitors. In the spirit of Masari being open source and transparent, Gnock has provided a report dashboard to view activity on the web wallet site.

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Masari was recently added to Altex.Exchange. It debuts with a BTC and first of its kind XMR pairing. The Monero pairing is an exciting development for Masari and the entire cryptosphere. Scroll any forum and you’ll find people clamoring for alts to decouple from BTC through expanding trading pairs. This is a step in that direction. For Masari fans, the title of being the first to trade MSR against XMR is up for grabs.

Exchange Listing Management

For a growing coin, movement into new exchanges has to be legitimate, smart, and worthwhile. Making the wrong decision can dampen liquidity, lead to compromised funds, or create a massive headache that (unfairly) damages the credibility of the coin. Spending precious treasury funds to list on an exchange that produces low coin volume can also prohibit other developments. For a coin without an ICO, without a pre-mine, and without code that routes block emissions to the development team, it’s much more difficult to simply buy into exchanges. Masari does not have a BTC war chest from its ICO, nor did the lead developer(s) come away with a massive premine.

That being said, exchanges are a critical component of crypto. A young coin has to battle its way to high volume exchanges. The road has already started with MSR being listed on four different exchanges; but more exchanges are actively being sought. The Masari community has entrusted Reddit and Discord mod BazookaJeff with managing the exchange listing BTC fund. If you would like to donate, please send BTC here: 12mZoYDzorgZr44sxv9cD4KzpPFocySL8D

To join in the conversation about which exchanges to target, or if you would like to donate MSR or XMR for exchange listings, visit the Masari discord.

Vote MSR

Masari is going through public voting to be added on select exchanges. You can support MSR by voting below. Note that some of the sites will only allow registered accounts to vote.






If you have knowledge of the Masari project, help form the direction forward by providing your feedback. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and mobile compatible. A report of the results will be produced shortly after the survey closes.


Discord member w00p put together a real-time information repository for Masari. It lists statistics for the coin as well as a pool monitor. Check it out here.

Social Growth

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@masaricurrency: 739 followers (+183 from update#1)

Masari discord: 1423 members (+497)

r/masari: 755 subs (+164)

3D Printed MSR Chain

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Pool operator Nextek loaded a file to 3D print a Masari chain. The file can be downloaded here. Nextek also mentioned that many public libraries offer 3D printing services, so be sure to check your local libraries if you want to rock Masari around your neck.

Wallpapers and GIFs

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courtesy of u/grrsed

A great collection of MSR wallpapers and gifs can be found on imgur.

Masari in the Morning

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Where to buy?

Start the day off right with a little Ring CT in your cup.

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