This update welcomes CN-Fast, a tipping + lotto bot in Discord, a mobile mining service, and more.


The fork to in-house developed CN-Fast was completed early morning June 19th at block 204,000. The last blocks of CNv7 held a network hashrate of 5 Mh/s, as of block 204,200 the network hashrate was 8 MH/s. Miners reported hash increases of 40–60%, with a nice bump in CPU performance.

A full list of CN-Fast compatible miners are available here. Cast XMR will be available in its next release. Thank you to all the pools and miners who successfully coordinated the forking efforts.

Discord Tip & Lotto Bot

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TOGM from has customized an open source tipping and lotto bot for the Masari Discord. To get started with tipping and partaking in the lotto, follow the steps below. Please keep bot chatter to #the-chum-bucket.

  1. Enable 2FA on your discord account as your tip and lotto address is tied to your Discord username.
  2. In the member list you will see Masari Pay within the Skynet category. Direct message the Masari Pay bot with “!myaddress”. This will generate a Masari address to use across any discord server. Private keys are not available for the bot generated address, but you can withdraw anytime with the !withdraw command.
  3. Load balances onto your Masari Pay address by sending amounts from your existing GUI/CLI/Web wallet. Use your balance on the Masari Pay address to tip or join in the lotto.
  4. 1 lotto ticket is 5 MSR. Make sure when you !buytickets the following amount is the ticket number, not MSR you want to put in. There is a 20% chance no winner will be drawn; in that case the pot will be rolled over to the next drawing. Drawings are once a week.
  5. If you want to tip, use this format: !tip X @DiscordUsername

Mobile & Web Mining

CN-Fast enabled mobile and web mining is now available. Web mining is hosted on Mobile mining is provided by the Tony Monero App. The app is a free download, but 10% of your hash rate will be donated to the app developers. As more miners use the app, the 10% fee will be reduced. You setup mobile mining the same way you setup a regular miner — meaning you need a wallet and pool address. Read more about the Tony Monero App here.

Cipher Contest & Giveaway

To celebrate nine months of Masari, a twitter giveaway of 100 MSR took place at the beginning of June. Five winners took home 20 MSR each. In a follow up contest that tested the wits of Masarians, a cipher was quietly released. While no one completed the puzzle in its entirety, multiple people came close with one standing out. The answer can be found here.


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There are three active bounties being offered:

  • 100 MSR for any merged pull request (not text/README changes).
  • 100 MSR for an introductory video to Masari.
  • 25 MSR for detailed report on reproducible bugs through the issue tracker.

Please visit the Masari Discord for more details or to claim a bounty.

New Exchange

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Masari is now traded on the new Canadian exchange This marks the fifth Masari exchange. The listing comes with a variety of pairings, including: MSR/BTC, MSR/ETH, MSR/LTC, and MSR/WAE. Help decentralize Masari markets by signing up and trading on their well-managed exchange.

Exchange Voting

Public voting for new listings is currently underway on two exchanges. It takes a few seconds to cast a vote for MSR.


Social Growth

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Discord: 1741 members — (+318 from update #2)

Twitter: 950 followers (+211)

Reddit: 892 subs (+137)

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