Masari Update #4

Jul 6, 2018 · 3 min read

This update covers a lengthy discussion about Blocktree on the Hashing It Out podcast, welcomes community based development in the form of a tagline vote, hosts a miner update, and highlights some ways to spend MSR.

Hashing It Out

On June 30, Masari founder and lead developer Thaer Khawaja went on the Hashing It Out podcast. The podcast focuses on the technology of cryptocurrency, so the Masari conversation was largely based on a conceptual overview of the Blocktree protocol. Other topics of the podcast include the reasons for creating a coin rather than working on Monero, MSR DAAs, and the role Masari developments play in the greater CN/crypto space.

The 65 minute long podcast was published on July 5, and is available to listen to here:


Taglines are an important part of branding for businesses. For example Just Do It is interchangeable with Nike itself. Taglines can also be seen in crypto: OMG — Unbank the Banked, QTUM — The Blockchain Made Ready for Business, etc. With Masari looking to increase awareness and grow its network, a tagline can help serve as a foundation to build marketing efforts upon.

During the last week of June, a tweet was sent out soliciting potential taglines from the community. Masarians responded with well thought out and marketable taglines; but in the end five selections were moved onto a final vote in Discord. Handedly winning the vote was the submission from Masari Marketing Director Bazooka Jeff: Simple. Scalable. Secure. Simple can be seen in Masari’s client-side web wallet. Scalable will be evidenced through the Blocktree protocol. Secure is offered indefinitely by Cryptonote & Ring CT. These three words embody the current and future state of Masari, and will help position Masari for growth within the marketplace.

New Exchange

On June 27, 2018 Crex 24 listed Masari on their exchange with a BTC pairing. This listing happened because of community funding (.14 BTC). Thanks to all who chipped in to the fund, particularly Blue Tail from Discord.

Update for MSR-Stak

The move to CN-Fast brought a Masari version of XMR-Stak. This version routes developer fees in the miner to the Masari development wallet. The original 2.4.4 version released with the fork had a bug in it that restricted donations. A new version — 2.4.5 is now released and can be used to donate without issue. If you would like to contribute to project funding, please use the MSR miner provided below:

MSR-Stak 2.4.5

Spend MSR

With Masari being a currency, it is important to be able to actually spend MSR. Currently there are a few ways you can put your MSR to use.

WooCommerce Plugin—

GetMasari.Store Pay in MSR, and pick up some low priced coasters seen below.

Discord — Tip and Lotto bot. Lotto drawings are every Friday.


credit: F0sching

Discord: 1830 members(+89 from Update #3)

Twitter: 1007 followers (+57)

Reddit: 949 (+57)

Masari is also on @

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