Masari Update #6 — Year Two Blastoff

September 2 marked the anniversary of Masari’s launch, and the final months of 2018 are going to be huge for the project. Here is a recap of the new developments that mark the beginning of Masari’s second year.

Cryptopia Listing

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Masari is now live on Cryptopia with three trading pairs — BTC / LTC / DOGE. The listing on Cryptopia could only happen with the support of the community; as the listing fee was raised entirely through donations. Thank you to all who contributed.

In terms of real volume, Cryptopia is a top 25 exchange. Additionally the core team is confident that the user experience on Cryptopia will be pleasant, as our communication with Cryptopia has been fluid and easy. As an incorporated business with a public CEO and 4 years of operation under their belt, there should be little concern as to the legitimacy of the exchange.

This listing also marks the last community driven exchange effort that Masari will host. Going forward, any future exchange partnerships will be based on merit, without any financial cost to the project. As such, exchange donation addresses have been closed.

Uncle Mining

Progress is going well on Uncle Mining. The stagenet is live and being worked to the max. Commits are taking place nearly everyday. Expect to see an ELI5 breakdown of what Uncle Mining is and an accompanying whitepaper in the future.

The work on Uncle Mining is advancing well, but the roadmap will be adjusted to reflect a Q4 timeframe for its launch rather than the tentative Q3 assignment.

Research Corner

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People often ask for Masari’s whitepaper. As Masari is built on Cryptonote and Ring CT, there is/was nothing to add. So the CN/RCT WPs have always been sufficient to document Masari’s technology. That has changed recently with the Uncle Mining and Blocktree around the corner; in addition to prior advances with difficulty adjustment algorithms.

The Masari Research Corner is a new segment of the Masari project. It will investigate privacy and scaling technologies applicable to Masari, and document this research in the form of whitepapers. The first whitepaper released by the Research Corner was penned by Masari developer Cryptochangements. The paper relates to Masari’s WWHM DAA. You can read the paper here.

Simple Miner

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A CPU-mineable coin can leverage that competency to attract new miners more easily than a coin that is built on GPUs or ASICs. These small scale miners help secure the network and unlocks doors on the path to decentralization.

Often, CPU miners are new entrants to the space; or they are current traders wanting to dip their toes in mining. A one click miner gives new entrants peace of mind and allows them to try mining without worry about viruses, configurations, or the many other fine tunings of hash power. With Masari being a Simple currency, it is only fitting a Simple Miner be released.

You can get started with the beta version of the Masari Simple Miner here. The only thing you’ll need to provide is a wallet address. Our secure web wallet is the easiest wallet to use and operate. Grab an address here.


To achieve potential compliance with ISO money standards, the core team is exploring a ticker change to XMS. You will see this ticker used in conjunction with MSR for the time being.

Twitter Giveaway

A Twitter giveaway of 365 MSR finished recently. The grand prize winner took home 100 MSR, with five others nabbing 53 coins each. This was the second Twitter giveaway of 2018 for Masari.

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Ours are legitimate though


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Discord: 2,049 Members (+69 from update #5)

Twitter: 1,263 Followers (+157)

Reddit: 1,078 Subs (+35)

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