Go blows away Node in pretty much every way IMO. You get all the niceties of blocking code without actually blocking, you get (relatively) tiny binaries that you can deploy anywhere with ease and no fuss, instead of 250mb of node_modules that everyone comes up with hacks to work around. You get a very strong stdlib to stop re-inventing stuff (poorly in many cases), a rich selection of 3rd-party packages from a community of seasoned engineers, incredible tooling for debugging, profiling, monitoring and so on. You get normalized code that looks the same no matter who in the community wrote it, auto-generated documentation, a built-in test framework, built-in benchmarking, static typing and all of the benefits that go along with that, less fragmentation (concurrency models etc), the list goes on.
Go blows away Node in pretty much every way IMO.
TJ Holowaychuk

Very solid summary.

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