Rate3按年度回报率排名第9 节点

根据其可靠性以及它们为IOST生态系统带来的附加值而得到奖励。我们之前在IOST的第1季度贡献奖励系统中获得了第2级贡献分数,获得了210,959个IOST令牌奖励,其中50%作为股息分配给投票给Rate3节点的人。 我们的Rate3 Servi节点在过去3个月内一直是IOST区块链的活块生产者,除了建立了一个交叉链dApp,允许在以太坊和IOST之间进行稳定的交换。 目前,我们的收益率排名是9:

Rate3 ranked no.9 by Annualized Return Yield

Nodes are rewarded based on their reliability, as well as on the added value which they bring to the IOST ecosystem. …

Plus our thoughts on Tether’s issues & how it affects Rate3 iStablecoin

Rate3 iStablecoin Adding Tether Support for IOST

Earlier this month we made an important mainnet product launch announcement — our Rate3 iStablecoin service. This enabled users for the first time to move ERC20 stablecoins onto the IOST blockchain.

Paired with this unveil was information from the IOST team as well — for those with keen eyes you…

Rate3 is adding USDT support to our iStablecoin swap service!

Swap support available for USDT, TUSD and USDC stablecoins

Created in October 2014, Tether’s deep, ecosystem-wide liquidity as a trading pair for other crypto-assets means that it holds systemic importance in this space. Based on Coinmarketcap data, Tether routinely ranks as one of the top 5 most traded cryptocurrencies by daily 24h volume.

For most casual users who have…

Very excited to be sharing this short and sweet edition of our project updates for the month of March, where we’ve got one of our most significant product rollout news to unpack, along with some details of what we’ve been working on with the IOST team over the past month…

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One of the areas which we strove to improve on in recent times has been on making our communications with the community clearer. This includes aspects like the positioning of Rate3, our value proposition, and where Rate3 lies within the “tech stack” for our sector. As with almost any other…

The wait is over — IOST iStablecoin is now live on Mainnet!

Rate3 iStablecoin is a cross-chain Swap service that allows for an asset the Ethereum blockchain to be transported onto the IOST blockchain and vice versa.

We will initially be supporting TUSD and USDC, with more stablecoins (and other assets) to be added on in future.

Update 30th Apr: We’ve added…

The last couple of months saw the unveiling of several milestones around our initiatives with IOST, and also the release of our Rate3 Cross Chain Swap MVP. …

Our manifesto is split across several parts:

PART III: Key Strategic Focus for 2019

In Part II of our 2019 Rate3 Manifesto, we covered in detail our approach towards designing the Rate3 protocol…

Official Rate3

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