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Apr 25 · 4 min read

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for TAP. We had our launch party, a huge partnership, and coverage from one of the most prolific publications in the world. When we got into the cryptocurrency realm, we knew it would be an uphill battle because of the large amount of competing crypto projects that did not always succeed in making their vision a reality, which resulted in individual investors and Venture Capital being reluctant to invest in other cryptocurrency projects. The market cap of cryptocurrency receded from almost 1 trillion dollars at the height of the cryptocurrency craze to around 100 million when it bottomed out. Many projects died; however, many projects like TAP and Brave were able to survive and make progress throughout this market because of great leadership, a roadmap that was realistic, a use case that solved a real world problem that was not already solved by a non-crypto application, and by hiring the right team with real world experience. At press, the market is currently on a rebound, which we hope will result in renewed interest in cryptocurrency and increased investment. We hope it will continue that way, but our entire team is extremely proud of everything that we accomplished during the tumult. Here is a breakdown.

We raised 7.5 million dollars from firms and notable investors like billionaires Len Blavatnik and Chris Burch, VCs FJ Labs, Revelis Capital, Warner Music Group and Access Industries, and renowned blockchain investor Bill Tai. Being funded through a few sources means we are able to stick to our vision and our roadmap because we do not have immense public pressure to give individual investors a return as fast as possible. Our mandate is to make the best reward system possible for consumers, businesses, and publishers and attack the data privacy problem; not to do just good enough to make a profit in a short period of time.

We started with a handful of dining/bar and hotels establishments; now we have partnerships with Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and other upscale hotels and resorts all over the world; in addition to the large list of dining/bar partners where you can redeem your TAP for drinks. The list is growing every day, and we are working on expansion into other areas as well.

We partnered with Basic Attention Token/Brave Browser to offer their users access to our redemption network of 250,000 + partners. You will be able to use BAT to redeem rewards (Giftcards like Amazon, Uber, Apple, and more) through our online catalogue with BAT. You will also be able to donate to your favorite charities as well. This partnership increases the number of users in the TAP network, which helps with our mission of protecting consumer’s data and privacy. Consumers will be compensated fairly for watching ads or giving their non-personally identifiable information to partners to help them reach target audiences. This partnership is not about the hype. Both parties get something, and ultimately, the end user of both services win.

We were featured in The New York Times. The old reward programs are not meeting the needs of a new generation of consumers, businesses, and publishers, so many companies have stepped up to fill the void. Consumers want flexibility and transparency, which traditional reward systems do not offer. Hooch with Tapcoin is among the list of new companies that offer flexibility and value to consumers and partners.

We just had our launch party a couple weeks ago. Miguel Forbes sat down with Our Ceo, Lin Dai, and Daymond John from Shark Tank expressed how much he believes in the project. It was a epic night.

Future Directions:

Adding more liquidity and redemption options for TAP is on the to do list. We want to make TAP as versatile as possible, so the end user can use TAP for virtually anything.

More partnerships with major brands.

A huge announcement in the third quarter of 2019 at New York Advertising Week is in the works.

Our token sale (TAPN) will take place with further details to come soon.

More major surprises and annoucments.

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