What is TAP Coin, TAP network, and Hooch, and how do they disrupt advertising and the experience economy?

TAP network, Hooch app, and the phrase powered by TAP are used quite often in our social media. We even have a website dedicated to each one of these items. Since, our Hooch ecosystem is so complex and provides so many benefits, not only to consumers, but also to brands, publishers, and venues, we feel it is of the utmost importance to clarify the meaning of each term and how each piece fits together to form a greater whole.

Let us start with the Hooch app. Hooch app on the Play™ and Appstore™ is where all the magic happens. Below is the home screen of the Hooch app where you navigate through all the functions. You can book hotels and resorts worldwide and save up to 70 % off traditional listed rates. You can also compare the venues around you that are featured on the Hooch App by pressing the venue button and using the filter option to find your favorite restaurant or bar. If you are a Hooch Black member, you can redeem a drink each day of the month at participating venues. That is the core of the Hooch App. You can also get deals like 25 % off at Well Suited, a free membership to Limelight Fitness, and other “members only” experiences. We are always adding more unique benefits for members.


TAP (on the top right) is our stable coin and serves as our rewards coin within the Hooch ecosystem. The conversion is 1 TAP is equal to $1. You can earn up to 10 % back in TAP when you stay or dine at participating hotels and restaurants under certain conditions. Pictured below is Hotel Chantelle, where you can earn 5 % TAP back. This is one of the many venues and hotels where you can earn TAP just by going there and paying your bill with your credit card that you linked in the Hooch app. So, if I went there and spent $200, I would get 10 TAP back, when I paid using my linked card. I can also use my linked card to earn 1 % TAP back on U.S national brands like Uber, iTunes, Starbucks, Domino’s, Netflix, Shake Shack, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Spotify, Audible, Redbox, Uber Eats, Hulu, In-N-Out, and Chick-Fil-A. Just use the same card you linked to your Hooch account. When you pay using that card, your TAP will automatically accrue shortly after the transaction concludes. Right now, you also get 5 TAP for each unique credit card you link to your account. In my case, I added my Chase and Capital One cards and got 10 TAP.

But what can TAP do for you, and why should you care about TAP? For one, you can use TAP to buy drinks at Hotel Chantelle or any of the myriad of other venues all over the country (pictured above). You could redeem a hotel or resort stay after you accrue 100 TAP from our hotel and resort listings found using the travel button in the Hooch app. Third, you can redeem TAP for gift cards from vendors such as GameStop, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, and hundreds of other top providers that we partnered with. There is also a limited-time offer where you get a 150 % bonus at restaurant.com. If I want to take my mom out for her birthday, I can use 10 TAP to purchase a $15 restaurtant.com gift card for any local venue around me. Redeeming TAP is simple, and we will try to add more liquidity and redemption options in the future; in addition to the 4 we already have.

So that leaves the question of what is TAP network? TAP network is the foundation that supports TAP and Hooch app. Customers can leverage our 250,000 + earning and redemption partners via the TAP rewards API. Brands and publishers will be able to use our network to get the targeted messages across to the right people instead of the traditional .01 % click through rate. Both parties will get meaningful analytics about consumers. The TAP network is about creating connections people actually want and incentivizing those connections. We may release more apps and initiatives at a later date. TAP network, simply put, is the future of advertising where consumers get ads from brands they want, and brands/publishers do not waste time and money. The basis and very existence of TAP network is postulated on customer data protection. Meaning, if you trust us with your data, we should keep it secure and should not sell it off to the highest bidder behind your back. We will only use your non-personally identifiable data for operations and analytics. TAP network stands for a new paradigm in the relationship between consumers, companies, and data.

Key Terms:

Hooch: Our Flagship app where you can book hotels and resorts, find local partner venues to dine/drink at, and take advantage of special “members only” deals.

TAP: Our 1 TAP to $1 stable coin that the Hooch app utilizes as a rewards coin and mechanism. Consumers can earn TAP and redeem it in 4 different ways with additional redemption avenues to follow.

TAP network: Our main engagement and analytics network. Brands and publishers can utilize our reward, insight, and marketing mechanisms to increase their visibility and incentivize consumers. Data security and transparency is central to TAP network.


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Email: andrew@tapcoin.net