What is TAP Coin™(Hooch™) ?

The current paradigm: You go out with your friends to your local bar for a special occasion; you use your credit card to buy drinks just like millions of millennials do every evening. Unfortunately, you get charged interest, and to add insult to injury, in many instances, your credit provider and/or the bar may also sell your personal data to third parties. You get absolutely no reward for using your credit card as payment other than reward points (which can be as low as 1 percent of your purchase), which are eaten away by the credit card’s interest fees. The only entities that benefit in this scenario are the unscrupulous establishments and the credit card companies. Why shouldn’t you, the consumer, be rewarded for your purchases instead of third parties, who already get more of a fair share of your hand earned money ?

How things can and should be: TAP Coin™ (via the Hooch™ app): plans to disrupt the current paradigm with the power of the blockchain. Instead of getting zero to minimal rewards, why shouldn’t you be rewarded every time you go out ? by giving you the power to decide whether you want to opt in to sharing your aggregated purchase data (you are not able to be personally identified), you can earn lucrative rewards (via TAP tokens). This means free drinks and other rewards up to 31 days each month. You are not limited to one credit card. EVERYTIME you go out to your favorite venue you can get rewarded!

Who we are and our plan: Hooch™ is a revolutionary new company that came into being in 2015 through 7.5 million dollars of venture capital from investors such as Warner Music Group CEO Steve Cooper, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White, prominent economist Nouriel Roubini, and other prominent investors. Despite being a fairly new company, we already have over 200,000 subscribers to our service. We expect to do better with our venture into blockchain because we receive advisement from some of the most accomplished industry veterans such as Bonin Bough (global director of PepsiCo™) and Bill Tai, who is a visionary venture capitalist, who backed successful blockchain ventures such as Power Ledger, Bitfury, and Airswap. Most importantly, Hooch™ has forged partnerships and has current support from some of the biggest players in the alcohol and beverage industry. Partnerships include TAO Group and One Group, which are two of the biggest players in the restaurant and nightlife industry.

We also have the support of the largest alcohol distributor in the United States. From blockchain experts to hospitality gurus, Hooch™ has all the needed expertise and assistance to be one of the biggest providers in our new industry.

With over 100,000 premium restaurants and hotels to choose from, there is always something to suit your tastes. Our vision is for someone to pull up the Hooch™ app anywhere in the world and get the benefits of being a member. Whether your partying in the Hawaiian islands, or you are touring the sites of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Huge benefits for customers: Through a Hooch™ subscription, customers can go to any provider listed in the app and can cash in TAP Coin™ for free drinks and other premium rewards: such as up to 60 percent off your stays at top hotels around the world. Our elite Hooch Black™ subscribers also enjoy a multitude of premium benefits such as concierge services, entrance to exclusive events such as SXSW, Coachella, and Fashion Week, private member events like mixology classes, wine tastings, and other preferred benefits. This is in addition, to the 31 free drinks a month our members can receive with Hooch™

For venues and brands: Instead of useless banner ads where maybe 1 in 1000 customers that were targeted click on your ads, you can reach a bigger pool of customers by allowing them to deposit tap tokens into your in-app wallet, earning them rewards. No more intermediaries, which allows your customers to feel empowered because they are taking ownership of their data instead of other parties.

Using smart contacts, a proven system of exchange that is trustless on the blockchain, the exchange of tokens for rewards is seamless, requiring very little administration. You will also be given access to sophisticated data analytics and in app marketing tools to expand your reach. Best of all Hooch™ is taking on some of the cost of providing rewards to customers, which is offset by an increase in traffic to the venue.

How it works:

Why Ethereum Smart contacts/Ledger ? Why should you keep track of several different credit cards with annoying reward point tallies or sign up for individual loyalty programs at multiple restaurants and venues, which may or may not (if your lucky) sell your personal information to unscrupulous companies that will bombard you with spam and ads ? Using the blockchain, customers and venues have a verifiable, trustless record for all TAP transactions.

This means cashing in your rewards is as easy as opening an app on your phone. Vendors have an easy and foolproof way to reward their customers while gaining insights in to their purchasing patterns at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. The dual key encryption of the blockchain protects all data end to end, so customers and vendors can be assured their private data is protected; unlike typical reward programs, which have poor data safeguards.

Future directions: Although our current aim is to utilize blockchain technology to become the biggest provider in reward programs, we do not plan to limit ourselves to the cryptocurrency community. We plan to become the norm throughout the mainstream hospitality industry. Hooch™ has already established partnerships with premium hotel chains such as Hyatt™, Starwood™, Hilton™, and Marriott™.

To help forward our vision and bring better value to our customers and vendors, Hooch™ plans on creating multiple redemption avenues, liquidity, and transaction capabilities. Our aim is to innovate the hospitality industry and to improve the outdated system of today. In the near future, wherever you are in the world, you can open up your Hooch™ app and find lodging at a deep discount compared to other travel sites such as Expedia™.

In addition, you will also be able to go to any bar and restaurant to enjoy great discounts on world class meals while redeeming your free drinks as well. The antiquated method of rewarding customers using plastic key tabs to keep track of points has outlived its usefulness. We at Hooch™ are leading the charge for a new system where you are given your due reward, while also giving the venues that utilize the TAP™ system benefits as well. The Hooch™ vision is a level playing field where everybody wins !

Our Roadmap:

Public Token Launch: Quarter 3 of 2018





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TAP is a decentralized platform for consumer rewards. We're rethinking advertising by empowering users to monetize their relationships with brands.

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TAP by Hooch

TAP by Hooch

TAP is a decentralized platform for consumer rewards. We're rethinking advertising by empowering users to monetize their relationships with brands.

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