ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Line Up of Home Robots

Robots are becoming increasingly mainstream; from home vacuums and restaurant servers to those that help with physical rehabilitation. The age of the internet of things (IoT) is helping embed them in our daily lives more seamlessly than ever before. ECOVACS ROBOTICS is entering Malaysia with some interesting entries into the robotics market.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS is one of the largest innovators in the vacuum space with a whole array of robots to account for it. However, the company has yet to launch in Malaysia until this month. The company has announced their entry into the Malaysian market with the launch of their DEEBOT R98 as well as other devices catering to nearly all price ranges.

The company has over 20 years of experience developing an impressive array of home robotics which were on display at their launch. The company has impressively designed robots which can vacuum your home, clean your windows and so much more. This hearkens back to their mantra “Live Smart. Enjoy Life” which the company says drives their innovation to help improve through the use of smart technology.

In addition to announcing the arrival of their impressive array of robots, ECOVACS ROBOTICS also has an exclusive sneak peek into what coming in the not too distant future. They showed off their upcoming DEEBOT OZMO which will come equipped with a new sensor to allow it to switch between the vacuum and mop modes.

In addition to being programmable robots, the ECOVACS ROBOTICS DEEBOT series also allows users to control the robots over the internet via a mobile app. The DEEBOTs also come with what the company calls laser distance sensors (LDS) which allow the robots to intelligently map the areas which they are in. This allows them to plan out the route in which they will be cleaning for a more power efficient cleaning.

In Malaysia, ECOVACS ROBOTICS products will be distributed by Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd. Excited about owning your very own cleaning robot? Visit to find out how to get your hands on the future of hands-free cleaning.

Originally published at techENT.